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Adrian: At the stroke of midnight, my father will be completely deteriorated, and all your souls will be mine. Soon you will see things more horrible than you can even imagine. [Looks into the crowd and sees Nipples erotically dancing.] Well maybe not that horrible, but still pretty bad.

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Nicky: Get in the flask.
Popeye's Cashier: What're you talkin' about, man?
Nicky: I'm talkin' about an 8-piece, let's go.

Regis Philbin: So, I was driving to work today. Some bozo in a Cadillac cuts me off. So, I followed him. When he got out of his car, I run up behind this guy and I start bashing his brains in with this bat! Did you ever see The Untouchables? I was DeNiro.

Valerie: Do it for the butterflies.

Jimmy the Demon: You were gone ten seconds, what happened?
Nicky: I got hit by this big light that was attached to a lot of metal.
Satan: That's a train, son, don't stand in front of them.
Nicky: Well, I'll have to take a mulligan on this one.

Sylvia Lopez: In another startling announcement from City Hall, Mayor Randolph has effective immediately lowered the legal drinking age from twenty-one to ten.

Nicky: I'm from the South. The Deep South.

Nicky: Yo, fossil-head! I got a bone to pick with you.

Nicky: Can I wash my winky in your kitchen sinky?

Christa: God's so smart.
Jenna: Yeah, like Jeopardy smart.

Nicky: You want a pillow fight, do ya? Then let's let the feathers fly.

Mr. Beefy: Look, it's okay for me to shit in the street, but you gotta use a toilet.
Nicky: Okay.

Nicky: That's not me! That's that cockroach Tony Montana.
Mr. Beefy: He superimposed your head into Scarface.
Todd: Which is probably DePalma's third best film.

Gatekeeper: Are there boobs on my head?
Nicky: Yeah, big ones.

Whitey the Referee: Get that crap outta here.

Mr. Beefy: You love acting, I love pissing.

Adrian: I hear a train a-comin'.

Valerie: Now why don't you give that nice man his flask back?
Street Vendor: And what you gonna do if I don't? Bite me with yo' ssssnaaggletooth?

Nicky: How can I win? Adrian is stronger and smarter than me.
Holly: Stronger? Yes. Smarter? Definitely. But, you have something that he doesn't have.
Nicky: A speech impediment?

Peter: Did you check out the dragon mouth?
John: The Dark Prince is here.

Continuity mistake: Durring the second encounter with the blind man, after Nicky and Valerie bought their ice cream, watch as the blind man runs into the light pole and in the backround Nicky and Valerie are turning the corner. In the next shot Valerie and Nickie are turning the corner that they have supposedly already turned. (00:28:10)

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Question: When Nicky is climbing up the fire escape to see Valerie he passes a window and inside there is a man dripping wax on his body. What is the tune playing in the background?

Answer: "Two Of Hearts" Stacey Swain.

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