Continuity mistake: In the biology lesson after Edward comes back, the extra sitting behind Bella wears different clothing than when they are in the hallway after the lesson.

Continuity mistake: Just after showing Bella his room, Edward takes her up into the tall tree to see the view. In the close-up shot, the tree they are in has a different shape to its trunk and limbs and is actually a different tree type from the one that is shown when the scene cuts to a aerial long-shot and pans away.

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Continuity mistake: When James, Victoria and Laurent arrive at the baseball game, in the first shot of their arrival Laurent has his dreadlocks hanging over both of his shoulder. In the very next shot dreadlocks are only hanging over his right shoulder, and then back to both shoulders in the next. (01:18:50)

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Continuity mistake: Victoria is making prints to throw off the cops...she's using sandals but the print is of a bare foot.

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Suggested correction: She was barefoot, what sandals?

Continuity mistake: The scene after Mike confronts Bella about dating Edward, in the diner, the table next to Charlie has what looks like only two people. But then after Cora the waitress shifts, four guys are looking at Charlie. (01:08:30)

Continuity mistake: When Edward and Bella are talking by the cliff, its raining and they are both soaked. Next scene shows them completely dry. It's not different days considering they have the same clothes on.


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Suggested correction: When Edward is soaked, he is wearing a dark jacket, when he is dry, he has a light grey jacket, totally different.

Continuity mistake: On the field trip in the greenhouse Bella has no jacket and is not holding one. When she's outside going to the bus she has a jacket on. (00:27:50 - 00:28:25)

Continuity mistake: In the prom scene just after Edward and Bella arrive, Bella motions to Jess, who is on a raised area with Mike, away from the dance floor. Bella then turns to wave at Eric and Angela. The shot focuses on them and then cuts back to Bella and Edward. In this shot, Jess can now suddenly be seen dancing behind them.

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Trivia: Bella drops the apple in the cafeteria when she gives her theories on what Edward is. When Edward bounces the apple back up from his foot, the way that his hand catches the apple is the cover of the book.

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Question: Near the end of the movie, at the prom, when Bella and Edward first walk in, Bella spots Jessica and signals something to her with her hand going across her chest. What was Bella signalling to Jessica?


Chosen answer: Earlier, when the girls were shopping for prom dresses in Port Angeles, Jessica commented that the low-cut dress she was trying on made her boobs "look good." She is wearing that same dress at the prom, and Bella is gesturing and then giving a "thumbs up" that Jessica's cleavage does look good. Jessica mouths back, "I know."

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