Visible crew/equipment: When Bella is about to be ganged up on. As soon as she is in the lot a cameraman is visible standing in the background panning over the scene, as one of the boys says "look who we just found." The next angle is from where he stood.

Continuity mistake: In the first biology class, when Edward moves the glass petri dish over to Bella and "hides" one in his hand, a piece of paper is lying crooked between them on Bella's side of the table. In the next shot, both glass dishes are between them, and the paper is on Edward's side, and it's now vertical. (00:10:30)


Twilight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Edward reveals what he is to Bella, the button down shoulder epaulet on his jacket goes from being unbuttoned to being buttoned, throughout the scene. (00:48:20)

Revealing mistake: In the hospital after the car accident, we are first introduced to Carlisle. If you look at his face you can see where the white face makeup doesn't meet his hairline. Patches without makeup can be seen.

Twilight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bella enters the biology classroom and Edward has finally returned, as she walks over to her desk the large book sitting on the edge repositions itself from sitting horizontally to vertically between shots. The bit of paper above it also moves closer to the edge. (00:16:10)

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Continuity mistake: In the baseball scene, in the shot where Carlisle hits the ball and starts running to first base, you see Edward and Emmett in the background also start running to catch the ball. The next shots of Emmett and Edward show them standing still, just preparing to run. (01:17:10)

Continuity mistake: Edward drives past the waterfall before he and Bella arrive at the baseball field and park nearly on it. But the field "moves" so that they walk past the waterfall when they meet the other Cullens.


Visible crew/equipment: When Edward first brings Bella to his house, as he is leading her upstairs he stops on the bottom step and turns to her to talk. In this shot you can see the faint reflection of the long microphone pole moving up and down in the glass siding of the staircase. (01:01:30)

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Continuity mistake: When the Cullens are in the kitchen making Italiano for Bella, Rosalie is holding a crystal bowl that Emmett has filled with salad. But when Edward tells them Bella has already eaten, just before Rosalie shatters the bowl, the bowl is half empty, and only a few lettuce pieces fall to the floor amongst the crystal shards. (01:04:30 - 01:05:05)


Twilight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bella and Edward are lying in the meadow, there is a purple flower right next to Edward's head, but when he turns his head to the side it is gone. (00:54:20)


Twilight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Charlie is sitting at the table cleaning his rifle and Bella is talking to him, he places the cleaning rod (with the green handle) down on the table. In each different shot the rod is in a different place, either hidden behind the collection red ammo or not. (01:14:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Bella looks up "cold one" on Google, she clicks on a result that says, "The Cold One: Apotamkin." But when she clicks on it, the title on the top of the page says, "Apotampkin: The Cold One." A p is added before the k in the second one. (00:47:45)

Audio problem: In the Prom Gazebo scene, Bella wonders why Edward will not turn her into a vampire. Edward says, "I'm not going to END your life for you." These words do not match his mouth and appear to be dubbed. "End" being dubbed over some other word, possibly beginning with a "B". (01:46:40)

Audio problem: In the hospital scene when Edward tells Bella she should go to Jacksonville you hear the heart monitor in the background and although Bella is visibly upset the heartbeat continues at the same rate.

Revealing mistake: When Jacob is sitting with Bella in her "new" truck at the beginning of the movie, if you look closely at Jacob's forehead, you can see his wig line.

Twilight mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Bella and Edward arrive to school together, as they are walking through the crowd you can see the sunshine on Edward's left cheek, but no glittery effect is being shown at all. You can also see it on Bella's shirt sleeve.


Twilight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bella is sitting with Edward near the lake asking him questions about his family and whether they have abilities like Edward's mind-reading, her woolen mittens jump from her hands to her lap. (00:57:30)

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Twilight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Edward's "sleeping" in the hospital, look at the wall he is leaning against. In the closer shot the table on the left is part way across a window with a blind on it. In the wider shot this window's nowhere to be seen.


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Trivia: At the end of the movie when Bella is sitting on the bench prior to prom, Jacob offers to help her since her foot is in a cast. Edward says to Bella "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend." This is a veiled reference to the fact that Jacob is indeed a wolf, which you find out in the second book "New Moon." (01:44:15)

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Question: When Edward and Bella were by the lockers at school, how come Edward couldn't read Bella?

Answer: Edward is able to read anyone's mind "except" for Bella's. He cannot understand why and that confuses and frustrates him. It is learned later that Bella has an unknown ability to block any mental intrusion.

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Answer: Edward can't read Bellas mind because of an invisible barrier that protects her from mind effects. After she became a vampire, she was actually able to transfer the barrier to protect people. However she had to train to control the power.

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