Corrected entry: In the hospital scene towards the conclusion of the movie, Bella's nasogastric feeding tube isn't taped to her nose properly. As it dangles out of her nose, it is clear that the prop does not have the tubes going through her esophagus and into her stomach, as a real tube would. This misstep has actually led some people to assume it is some sort of breathing apparatus, which it is not. .

Correction: IT IS a nasal cannula delivering oxygen. It is NOT a nasogastric tube to empty the contents of her stomach.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Bella's hair is tied back in a ponytail throughout the entire baseball scene. When Laurent, James & Victoria enter, Bella's hair is suddenly loose.

Correction: Edward tells Bella to put her hair down so she is less recognizable as a human, when the three nomad vampires enter the baseball clearing. Not a movie mistake.

Tricia Webster Premium member

Corrected entry: When Edward takes Bella to meet his family, it shows them cooking for her. They all look up, and Rosalie says, "Get a whiff of that" and then Esme says, "Here comes the human!" But Esme's mouth doesn't move: she just keeps smiling. It doesn't sound like Rosalie talking, so it has to be Esme that said it, but her mouth doesn't move from a smile. (01:04:40)


Correction: If you listen carefully, it's Rosalie saying both: "Get a whiff of that, " and, "Here comes the human." The voice matches Rosalie, as Esme's voice is much deeper than Rosalie's. It would also be completely out of character for Esme to refer to Bella as "The Human." Rosalie is known for continuously referring to Bella as "The Human" in a snide manner throughout both the books and the films, whereas Esme uses kinder nicknames (like dear, sweetheart and darling) as a way to make Bella feel welcome, like she belongs with them. Of course, Rosalie is always trying to do the opposite, and make Bella feel unwelcome, hence her saying "The Human" versus using her actual name.

Correction: You don't have to see ice for it to be there. I live in the same part of the country where the story takes place. It rains a lot here and the temperatures can then drop into freezing. Wet pavement develops a thin layer of ice over it that is nearly invisible. It makes driving and walking extremely hazardous because it is hard to see. This is sometimes called "black" ice.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: When they go on the school trip, Bella, Edward, Alice, and Bella's friends are there. They are all juniors. But Jasper is there and he is a senior. This couldn't even be a mixed trip, because Emmett and Rosalie aren't there.

Correction: In the movies, Jasper is the same grade as Alice. In the books, he is a year ahead of her. So in the movies you see Jasper with them in school. He is on the field trip, he is at school with Alice saying happy birthday in New Moon, he is at the cafeteria table when Alice has her vision in Eclipse as well as being at graduation with Alice. It was just a screen writer/director decision that is different from the book.

Also, in some high schools that do non-mandatory field trips, if a spot opens up a classmate can request to bring a student from another class, so even if he hadn't been bumped back a year for the movies, he would have been able to go on said trip. I don't believe the character of Jasper would spend a day at high school without Alice there.

Corrected entry: When Tyler's van comes skidding towards Bella, she is standing up against her truck. When Edward races next to her, she is crouching.

Correction: Because Edward pushes Bella out of the way and to the ground, causing her to be in that position. (he has his arm around her waist to support her).

Corrected entry: Edward Cullen has a consistent accent in the beginning of the movie while in biology class, but does not have an accent for the rest of the movie (or series).

Correction: I would have to disagree that Edward has an "accent." When he first talks to Bella in biology class, he's struggling with his overwhelming desire for her blood, so his speech is a bit strained and deliberate as he attempts to control himself. Bella affected him so much that he was absent from class for about a week. He gradually becomes more comfortable around her and is able to talk more normally.

raywest Premium member

When he said, "So you're not worried because you'll be in a house full of vampires, but because they won't approve of you?" it does sound like he has an accent of some kind.

Corrected entry: During the baseball scene, when Carlisle is up to bat, he points his bat forward and in the background you can see Esme, Rosalie, Jasper and quite obviously Kristen Stewart's double with her hat pulled down low to cover her eyes. You can see it is a different person because her chin is quite square and Kristen's is very pointed. (01:17:05)

Jennifer 1

Correction: Actually, that's not supposed to be Bella at all, but Esme. You'll notice towards the beginning of the scene that, while Esme is wearing the solid white shirt that the actor in question appears in, Bella is wearing a dark brown jacket with a white collar, unzipped at the front.


Corrected entry: In the first biology lesson, Bella walks past the fan, and Edward's papers fly up. If the fan was in his direction anyway, his papers would have been flying up before Bella arrived.

Correction: The fan oscillates if you watch.

Corrected entry: When Edward jumps out of the window, he drags a tree with him, but he isn't very close to it. Also when Edward jumps, he stays level to the ground. Just because he is a vampire it never means that he can disobey the laws of gravity. (01:09:25)

Correction: So who made you the expert on vampires? They seem to disobey nature laws all the time; they don't age, go at superhuman speeds (or even faster) stop sliding cars by hand, just to name a few.

Correction: In the moment that the camera is off him, there's plenty of time for even a normal person to tip their head to the other side, much less a vampire who moves at lightning speed.

White Lock

Corrected entry: In the cafeteria scene when Edward is not at school, Bella looks over to the Cullens' table. If you observe Rosalie extremely carefully, she takes something to her mouth and eats it as if she were human. She is a vampire, and she is not meant to eat anything. It happens again sometimes in other scenes. (00:14:40)

Correction: It's not that they can't eat our food. They just typically don't. But they will do it from time to time to appear to fit in. Edward even does it in the book to prove the point to Bella. So while they don't have to eat normal food, it's not a mistake if they appear to.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Alice asks Bella if she'll be riding with the Cullens, Edward says the bus is full and steps inside, but when the camera faces Alice, Edward steps inside again.

Correction: No, he moves forward to "hit" the door so the driver will open it, and then he moves forward to enter the bus.


Corrected entry: In the last scene with Victoria, she's looking through the window at Bella and Edward at the prom. But if they were at such close proximity, Edward should have heard Victoria's thoughts, as he does near the end of Twilight: Eclipse.

Correction: Edward can hear thoughts of people around him, yes. But they were at a dance with hundreds of kids, so she was simply lost in the cacophony.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene Edward comes into Bella's room and kisses her, Bella is at first wearing sweatpants. Then she is wearing shorts instead when they kiss.


Correction: Actually, Bella can be seen wearing shorts at the beginning of the scene which is at 1:13:53. You can see a part of her leg, so she is not wearing sweatpants.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the hospital near the end of the movie, when Bella regains consciousness, she has flashbacks as her mother talks to her. But if you look over her mother's right shoulder (from Bella's perspective), you will see a television; showing the scenes containing the destruction of James and Bella tumbling down a flight of stairs, which are being played in a loop so that they could simply switch to a second camera to capture the flashback scenes.

blooper blunder

Correction: This wasn't a mistake. They do this intentionally throughout the film. If you look closely at the rest of a room, a picture hanging on the hospital wall, is of the ballet studio, and there is a picture in Bella's room of a wolf, hinting at Jacob. Also, that television in the hospital shows clips of the home video of Bella when she is little. These are some hidden jabs and nods at the audience, and for people to pick out, not mistakes.

Corrected entry: In the Dance Studio, there is a point where James rams Edward's head into the mirrors, shattering the surface. However, Edward's reflection on the shattered surface remains intact, instead of being a fractured reflection, as would have been the case when a mirror shatters. (01:34:25)

Correction: This doesn't have to be a mistake. The glass in the mirror might shatter but stay in place, thus not fracture the image that much.

Corrected entry: During the baseball scene, Carlisle's scarf changes from plain gray to gray and black striped. It also goes from hanging loose to wound around his neck, then back to hanging loose.


Correction: THis is not true. THe second part is true, but the first part isn't. It just seems grey because the camera is not focused on him and the colours blur together.

Correction: Nothing in the movie ever reveals that the character of Bella doesn't wear contacts. Bella could easily wear contacts herself.

Corrected entry: In the Ballet Studio, when James bites Bella's left arm, there is nothing on it, but, when Edward is sucking the venom out, there is a bracelet. Look at her arm when James bites it, then you'll first notice it just after Edward throws James against the mirror. (01:38:50 - 01:41:15)

Correction: Have another look. Bella is indeed wearing the narrow silver cuff bracelet (open back with two ends) when James bites her. As her palm is facing up, one end of the cuff bracelet is beside his mouth and the other end is visible beside his ring finger. The cuff bracelet may be easy to miss because the open back is at the center of her wrist, and it's rather dimly lit.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie when Bella is sitting on the bench prior to prom, Jacob offers to help her since her foot is in a cast. Edward says to Bella "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend." This is a veiled reference to the fact that Jacob is indeed a wolf, which you find out in the second book "New Moon." (01:44:15)

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Question: When Edward and Bella were by the lockers at school, how come Edward couldn't read Bella?

Answer: Edward is able to read anyone's mind "except" for Bella's. He cannot understand why and that confuses and frustrates him. It is learned later that Bella has an unknown ability to block any mental intrusion.

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Answer: Edward can't read Bellas mind because of an invisible barrier that protects her from mind effects. After she became a vampire, she was actually able to transfer the barrier to protect people. However she had to train to control the power.

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