Corrected entry: When Silk Spectre gets teleported to Mars to meet with Dr. Manhattan, she struggles to breathe in the Martian atmosphere until Dr. Manhattan creates an "oxygen bubble" around them. A person on Mars completely exposed like that would die a most horrid death within seconds, their blood literally boiling almost instantly. And yet Silk Spectre is totally fine after the oxygen bubble is placed around her.

Correction: The submitter's mistake uses junk science. A human exposed to the Martian atmosphere (mostly carbon dioxide) will slowly suffocate as shown in the film. No death in seconds, no blood boiling - that only happens in the movies!


Correction: This can hardly be considered trivia since Gugino ages 42 years in the movie. It would be the same as pointing out she played a 67 year old despite being only 37.


Corrected entry: In the opening credits sequence when Silk Spectre I is having an argument with her husband, she says, "I was a hero G*******t!" When she says this, her hands are in front of her. However, in both flashback scenes later in the movie, when she says that line her hands are at her side.


Correction: Laurie is simply remembering the argument differently the second time. It could also be two different arguments; it's common for married couples to have the same argument more than once.

Corrected entry: In the initial scenes when Comedian is killed, the .45 pistol showed has Picattini rails in the frame. The story is set in 1985, when no pistol whatsoever had that feature (a.45 1911 like that, looking like a Springfield, was only offered in 2006).

Correction: It's set in an alternate 1985, where it's repeatedly shown that many things are different.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Although the "alternate reality" excuse could be applied, shown in the film are HD (high density) 3.5" floppy disks (in Veidt's office) which did not exist until 1987, and on the set of the TV interview with Dr. Manhattan there is a Sony Profeel Pro series TV monitor (KX-27HV1?) which were not introduced until 1986.

Correction: In a world with Dr. Manhattan, who knows what could have been invented earlier?

Corrected entry: In the scene where little Rorschach catches his mother having sex with a man, right after the man leaves and his mother slaps him, you can see two men behind the mom, holding some equipment.

Correction: The two men in the scene were dressed in clothing for the period the scene takes place in. The most reasonable explanation is that they were customers.

S. Ha

Correction: This is irrelevant to this film. The homage to the graphic novel occurs in Heroes and thus should be noted in a trivia item for that TV series, not here.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the course of the movie, Archie the owl ship seems to change size. Most of the movie it is barely big enough for two people, however in the scene during the building fire rescue, 20 people are taken to safety in one transport.

Correction: External shots of Archie throughout the film show that it is far larger than "barely big enough for two", as do many shots from within. There is nothing inconsistent with being able to cram in the people they rescue from the fire.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During the prison riot scene, one of the inmates, topless, is set on fire. The fire-proof/retardant "gel" is visible, applied all over his upper torso.

Correction: A human body is not that easy to set fire to - the other prisoners would have had to coat the man in some sort of flammable material in order to burn him alive. In reality it is probably a fireproof gel, true, but within the context of the movie it makes sense that the substance is some sort of flame accelerant.


Corrected entry: During the peace rally in the opening credits, the stem of the flower that is placed in the barrel of a rifle disappears in preparation for it to be digitally destroyed by the CGI gunfire. (00:09:40)


Correction: No, it never disappears except behind one of the leaves when the girl lets it go. I don't think the gunfire is CGI anyway, just use blanks. Maybe the flying leaves are CGI, but not the gunfire and the stem doesn't need to be digitally removed for that anyway.


Corrected entry: In the prison scene Walter retaliates against an aggressive inmate with a fry basket, all of which have holes in the bottom, but the oil comes splashing out as if it were a bucket container.


Correction: There is food in the bottom of the basket which prevents the oil from draining as quickly as it normally would. It would still have drained out if Walter had simply held it still, but inertia carried the oil along with the basket because he swung it so fast.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the funeral scene, when the hearse arrives, there are three people visible on the right side of the screen. However, when the viewer observes these people during the shot inside the hearse as the coffin is removed, another person is visible with them: Rorschach, holding a "The End is Nigh" sign.


Correction: There is a wide angle shot of the hearse arriving; on the far right is Ozymandias, his secretary and Nightowl II, on the far left is a military detail: and Rorschach with his sign. Rorschach then moves from left to right as the coffin is removed, crossing in front of the Watchmen as Dr. Manhattan exits the limo.


Corrected entry: Adrian Veidt says that the first Night Owl was one of only two heroes to make his identity public, but Laurie's identity is public and she even says so to Nite Owl in his workshop when she expresses jealousy that his identity is private. That makes 3.

Correction: Adrian and the first Nite Owl were the only heroes to "go public" [the phrase that they used in the movie] by revealing their previously secret identities to the public. Laurie never had a secret identity as evidenced by the fact that she never wore a mask.

Corrected entry: During the credits, it is revealed that The Comedian shot JFK - except that JFK is shot from behind, and the Comedian is positioned about 100 feet in front of the car.

Correction: The movie and comics are set in an alternate reality. Many historical differences may exist. Besides, according to all the videos, we see his head jerk 'back and to the left' Clearly indicating being shot from the front. (Refer to the movie JFK).


Corrected entry: During Adrian's magazine interview, the reporter says that he and Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl, are the only Watchmen to have revealed their true identities. But the first Nite Owl wasn't a Watchman; he was a Minuteman.

Correction: Character mistake. It is quite common for people (characters) to make a mistake, especially a reporter.


Corrected entry: When the Nite Owl II inserts the Pyramid Transnational floppy disk into Veidt's computer, he inserts it backwards. Surprisingly, it works anyway.


Correction: After just having viewed the scene, I can say with certainty that Nite Owl inserts the disk correctly. Not to mention that inserting that type of disk backwards would require a lot of excessive force.

S. Ha

Corrected entry: Dr. Manhattan perceives time simultaneously across past and future yet is subject to Veidt's use of tachyon interference. Yet Dr. Manhattan would still be able to perceive the point at which he is told about the tachyon interference and the reasons for Veidt's plan. So really he would know all along anyway.


Correction: The tachyon interference prevented him from perceiving aspects of time, whether past, present, or future, throughout its entire duration. The tachyon interference continued through the point when Dr. Manhattan learned of it, so he was unaware of it until that moment as was intended by Ozymandias.

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Corrected entry: On one of the bottom left monitors in Ozymandias' lair, during one of the earliest scenes where we see him watching them, the film "Mars Attacks" is playing, which came out in 1996.

Correction: In our timeline, it did indeed. But this is an altered timeline so events and their times can and are subtly or radically different.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Manhattan is visible only as a circulatory system (after the accident where Jon Osterman is locked into a test chamber and caught in an "Intrinsic Field Subtractor" in 1959) we can see that he has pupils in the eyes, while normally he doesn't.

Correction: "Normally" being the point. He is in mid-transformation and we can't know his pupils would not be visible at this point. In fact, since we see them, we know they are indeed visible at this time.


Corrected entry: When the bomb goes off in New York, the prison psychiatrist is knocking with his fingers at his stopped wirstwatch. He'd need his right hand for this. However, a few shots later we see that he is holding his briefcase in his right hand, so he could not have manipulated his watch with those fingers.

Correction: "A few shots later" gives him ample time to change the way he's holding his briefcase, or even pick it up from having set it down previously.

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Trivia: When Dan and Hollis hear a TV news report referencing Rorschach, they glance at the screen in time to see grainy black and white 'file footage' of Rorschach walking quickly away and to the right of the camera position, glancing back over his right shoulder momentarily. That footage is intentionally designed to precisely mimic the infamously-disputed film of Bigfoot (known as the Patterson-Gimlin film of 1967). (00:17:50)


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Question: I don't quite understand why Dr. Manhattan had to kill Rorschach. That is, I don't quite get why that was the only solution. Rorschach was a valuable member of the Watchmen, and in the type of world they were in (chaos, corruption, murder, etc) one would think that they would want to keep as many of themselves banded together as possible. Couldn't some sort of negotiation or compromise have been reached/agreed to by Rorschach instead of him being killed?

Answer: He has spent years as a costumed vigilante despite the fact that it was illegal. He has a very strict idea of what is right ("never compromise") and has proven himself incapable of doing otherwise. So no, there was no real chance of negotiating with him - Rorschach himself made it clear he'd have to die if they wanted his silence.

Garlonuss Premium member

Death was not the only choice. Doc M could easily have teleported/banished Rorschach to Mars/anywhere secluded in an oxygen bubble. He could have spared his life and just made him mute or manipulate his brain chemistry/atoms to remove the memory of what happened. The point is Doc M is all powerful and could manipulate matter at his whim; death was just a plot device creating a chance of an emotive martyrdom/sacrificial ending.

Ethically speaking, exiling him to Mars or erasing his memory of the event can be considered just as cruel as killing him, because then his agency is being taken away from him. Rorshach's malcontent with the situation poses a problem for the other heroes, and since Dr. Manhattan isn't willing to let him tell the truth of what happened, he obliges Rorschach's demand that he kill him instead.

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