Mamma Mia!

Continuity mistake: When Lay All Your Love on Me starts, right before Sophie's first singing lines, she has some hair in front of her face. But, when it switches to a shot in front of her as she continues to sing, she immediately has no hair in front of her face. She didn't have the time to move it out of the way in-between shots.

Continuity mistake: During the song "The winner takes it all" at one point 4 people are walking up the mountain in the background, 2 in white and 2 in mint green. The next shot they are gone.

Klaus Egvang

Continuity mistake: Just as Donna starts singing the last of 'Slipping Through My Fingers' Sophie is put on a donkey to be taken up to the hall for her wedding. Donna and Sam are left alone and Donna sings "The Winner Takes it All' but when she gets up to the hall the donkey is nowhere to be seen.

Other mistake: When Sophie swims to the boat with her three possible fathers on it, when she takes off her clothes to reveal her swimsuit, she takes a very short time to take them off, too fast for them to actually be off.

Donna: I grew up.
Tanya: Well, grow back down then!

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Trivia: While neither the stage show nor the film reveals who Sophie's real father is, there is an official answer. According to Catherine Johnson and Phyllida Lloyd, Sophie's real father is Bill. Bill's character was Australian in the original stage production, but in the film he became a Swede instead, and he's played by Swedish actor Stellan SkarsgÄrd. This means the film's Sophie has her roots in Sweden - just like "Mamma Mia!"

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Question: When is the movie supposed to have taken place? There is reference to Donna having dated and presumably conceived in the 1960s. That would place Sophie's wedding, at age 20, no later than 1990. But isn't that a little early for Sky to be putting the Villa Donna on the internet?

Answer: Sophie finds Donna's diary from 1979, being the year Sophie was conceived meaning she was born in 1980 (as the diary entries are from July/August). So the movie is set in 2000.

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