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Corrected entry: In the shot in the bathroom, Tanya has a small diamond necklace but in the next shot in the bedroom the diamond appears larger.

Correction: Tanya's diamond solitaire pendant is never "small" in the bathroom scene, and it's the same large size during the bathroom and bedroom scenes. There are even a couple of nice closeups of the necklace in the bathroom scene, such as when Tanya says, "Donna Sheridan, you shady lady."

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Corrected entry: When Sophie is getting ready for her wedding, during the scene when Donna is painting her toe nails, Sophie's hair is down. In the next shot when her and her mom are looking at pictures and laughing, her hair is braided. Then Sophie is looking in the mirror in the next shot and her hair isn't braided.


Correction: This scene is a montage that is meant to represent the period of time it took for Donna to help Sophie to get ready. She even says before the song, "We have time" and then there is a shot of her playing with Sophie's hair as if consulting with her how to style it. It's perfectly plausible that they would have gone through a few hairstyles while getting ready before deciding on a final look.

Corrected entry: During the song "Slipping Through My Fingers", Sophie is walking out of the shower and has cut herself shaving. She then lies back on the bed and Donna puts a band-aid on the cut. Right after she does that, there's another shot of Sophie, who leans back, and at that point, her nipple is briefly visible peeking out from her towel.

Correction: At the moment, this is trivia, and not terribly interesting trivia at that. Please explain why this should be considered a mistake.

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Corrected entry: During "Dancing Queen", Donna hides her face in the pillow while looking at Rosie and Tanya singing. On the right side of the bed where Donna is lying is a red table lamp, a glass cup and some stuff on the table. During the chorus, Donna jumps on the bed, and in the jumping shot, the table lamp and everything else on the table is covered with a white cloth with a red pattern. (00:36:00)

Correction: If you look closely you see Donna throw the cloth over the lamp when she stands up to jump on the bed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sophie meets her friends at the beginning Ali is wearing a backpack. When Sophie shows her mother's diary, Ali's backpack is gone for a few minutes and then reappears as they are shown running up the hill to the hotel.


Correction: The backpack is never gone. After the girls' reunion at the dock, when it cuts to the very next shot we see Ali put her small backpack down on the ground behind Sophie (who's sitting), before Sophie takes out her mother's diary from her handbag. We also see the backpack lying on the ground near Ali when Sophie sings the words, "Honey honey, nearly kills me, uh-huh, honey honey."

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of Dancing Queen when the women are running down to the pier, Tanya is wearing the blue tu tu skirt around her thighs in one shot and then the next it is up by her shoulders.


Correction: This is intentional. Being a fashionable person, she changes the way she uses the petticoat as an accessory throughout the song. It starts above her bust as a babydoll dress, then she moves it to her thighs to look like a fishtail dress, then turns it into a cape over her shoulders, then finally takes it off completely to swing around. You don't see her do it on camera, but it's not like the scene is in real-time.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Sam, and Bill are in the goat house and Sophie leaves, Harry has a pair of sunglasses tucked into his shirt. When Donna peeks up through the floor, the sunglasses are gone.


Correction: Harry has enough time to simply take them off the shirt before Donna sees them.


Corrected entry: During the song "Take a chance on me," you see a bunch of people dancing on the crack in the courtyard. Yet when the water breaks through, there is nobody around it. (01:38:15)

Correction: There was a rumble just before the water sprayed out of the crack. The guests may have stopped dancing and moved then.

Corrected entry: When Donna is talking to her best friends in her bedroom, you can see a crew member reflected on the bathroom glass window.


Correction: I've just watched through the scenes where Donna and her friends are in the bedroom, and I didn't see any crewmembers' reflections. Please be more specific as to when this occurs (which scene, which line etc.).


Corrected entry: In the early scenes, where the invitations are posted, the mail box is a French one - but the film is set in Greece.

Correction: It's just a plain yellow mail box, they exist anywhere. None of this movie was shot in France, anyway, all the scenes were either shot in a studio in London or in Greece.


Corrected entry: When Sophie is singing 'Honey Honey' in her bedroom, Ali and Lisa are singing with her - at first. But then Sophie goes to the balcony and Ali and Lisa are gone. (00:07:45)

Correction: You see them slip behind the walls on each side of Sophie, it's not like they magically dissappear into thin air. Not very likely behaviour to suddenly hide like that, maybe, but definitely not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Sam reaches out to touch Donna's face at the end of the wedding and just before Sam begins singing, Sam has his suit jacket on. When Sam starts singing, his suit jacket is off and his dress shirt sleeves are rolled up.

Correction: It's a cut to another scene when Sam would have had his jacket off at the wedding reception.

Corrected entry: During the song "Mamma Mia!", when Donna is on the roof of the goat house, you can see that the surface she is standing on is stone or concrete with no gaps in it. But when the camera goes to the three fathers inside the goat house, there is light shining through the ceiling as though it were made of wooden panels. If there was stone on top of the wood, there would be no light coming through.

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Correction: It's clear from the outside shots that the roof is indeed made of panels with gaps in between, not concrete. There is, however, a grey rug on top of the panels in a small area, wich makes it look a bit like concrete. But there are still plenty of uncovered panels for the light to come through.

Corrected entry: After Tanya and Rosie have arrived and Donna and them walk up the steps and across the courtyard, much of the audio heard is out of sync with the actor's lips.

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Correction: I've checked this carefully and it isn't true.

Corrected entry: Harry is wearing a life jacket in the paddle boat, but during the "Our Last Summer" montage, all three guys and Sophie are seen jumping off a cliff into the water without life jackets. Why would Harry need one in the paddle boat when it is already presumed he can swim?

Correction: Health and Saftey. I am an extremly strong swimmer, but when I went sailing I had to wear a life jacket.

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Corrected entry: After Donna sings 'Winner Takes It All", she turns and walks away from the church for which she was orignally headed. In the next scene, however, she is seen climbing the steps towards the church in the opposite, and correct, direction.

Correction: There are two ways of getting to the stairs that lead to the church - going the way they were heading or going down to the rocks by the ocean and then up from there. Both Donna and Sam chose the latter.

Corrected entry: Based on cast lists from the Internet Broadway Database and the Internet Movie Database, not a single cast member from any Broadway production of "Mamma Mia!" appears in the movie.

Correction: This is far too general and common to be valid trivia. There are tons of movie musicals that do not contain anyone from the original broadway cast.


Corrected entry: During the Our Last Summer sequence, Bill sings "those crazy years, that was the time of (the) flower-power". But this doesn't make any sense in the chronology of the film. Clothing styles and comments about the Internet indicate that the film is set in the present day. Sophie is aged 20, which means that she would have been conceived in about 1988 - about 20 years after Flower Power. Bill's lines only make sense in the context of the original Abba song which was written around 1980.

Correction: Actually Mamma Mia! is set in the late '90s (when the original play was written - the internet was already mainstream), so twenty-one years ago (from the late 90s) would have been 1977 or 1978.

Corrected entry: When Sophie and Sky are singing/dancing on the beach, sky is holding a cigar. At one point when he makes to kiss Sophie, he appears to be burning her hair with the lit end of the cigar. And when he takes a puff in the next shot when standing on a rock, it is the wrong way round. (00:43:10)

Correction: This is not a mistake, the cigar is not lit. The end that he puts near Sophie's hair that looks like it is lit is the label on the cigar. You can see this when he is standing on the rock afterwards.

Corrected entry: Harry is playing Donna's guitar on the boat. Harry is left-handed, the guitar is strung left-handed, but Donna is right-handed. Has the guitar been wrongly strung for 20 years? Didn't Donna notice?

Correction: It doesn't take long to restring a guitar. Takes me 10 minutes. Harry could restring it. Not a mistake.

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Mamma Mia! mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When singing Dancing Queen an extra is seen falling off a ladder. If you look at the front of his shirt, a safety cable can be seen. (00:37:15)

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Donna: You sound like you're having fun already.
Ali: Oh, we are!
Donna: I used to have fun!
Ali: Oh, we know!

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Trivia: While neither the stage show nor the film reveals who Sophie's real father is, there is an official answer. According to Catherine Johnson and Phyllida Lloyd, Sophie's real father is Bill. Bill's character was Australian in the original stage production, but in the film he became a Swede instead, and he's played by Swedish actor Stellan SkarsgÄrd. This means the film's Sophie has her roots in Sweden - just like "Mamma Mia!"

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Question: When is the movie supposed to have taken place? There is reference to Donna having dated and presumably conceived in the 1960s. That would place Sophie's wedding, at age 20, no later than 1990. But isn't that a little early for Sky to be putting the Villa Donna on the internet?

Answer: Sophie finds Donna's diary from 1979, being the year Sophie was conceived meaning she was born in 1980 (as the diary entries are from July/August). So the movie is set in 2000.

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