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Corrected entry: During Connect 3's Beach Jam performance, a drum beat is present in the background through out the entire song, "Play my music", despite drums being absent on the stage. Connect 3 was supposed to be performing live.

Correction: The drum set and the keyboardist is off to the side next to the stage, they're only shown for a quick second in the middle of their performance.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mitchie and Kaitlyn are blowing up balloons for Connie, one shot shows Mitchie without a balloon. In the next shot, she hits Kaitlyn with a green balloon.

Correction: If you watch closely they are surrounded by balloons both blown up and not, she could have easily picked one up.

Corrected entry: When the Jonas Brothers are playing on stage, you can see that when they play their electric guitars, they are not even plugged in, yet they still work. . .

Correction: When playing live many people use wireless technology to give them a greater roam of the stage.

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Corrected entry: In the very beginning when we see Mitchie wake up, her hair is straight as a pin, and not the slightest bit messy. In no shot do we see her flat ironing her hair or doing something similar.

Correction: This is not unrealistic and in fact not a movie mistake. My niece has always had perfectly straight hair, and when she awakens it pretty much looks perfect (a source of annoyance for her wavy haired sister). Her straight hair is rarely mussed up, and it never requires "flat ironing or something similar".

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Continuity mistake: At Beach Jam, there is an orange marker on stage near Shane's mic stand, just above the letter 'c' in the word 'beach', which disappears and reappears during Connect 3's performance.

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Shane Gray: That's the song.
Nate: So that must be the girl.
Jason: Ya think?

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Chosen answer: Demi wrote a song for her castmates and the crew of Camp Rock, which she performs for them on the last day of the shoot, when principal photography wrapped on 10-6-07. The line, "We'll never be too cool for Camp Rock 3" got laughs, just before she was overcome with emotion by the last verse.

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