Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Revealing mistake: When Jake is being tied up, he's holding his hands up to make it easier for the cannibal to tie up. Also when they drag him out of view, he's holding his head up so it doesn't drag the ground, although he's supposed to be unconscious during all this.

Revealing mistake: After Amber and Jonesy are killed, the blood starts dripping on the son's face. Since when is blood black in color? This is a thick and syrupy-looking black liquid.

Revealing mistake: When the hillbillies are dragging away Kimberly's body, it bounces along the ground like rubber.

Revealing mistake: Notice the guy who's hanging upside down. His intestines are hanging out of his body and they aren't even bloody. Neither are the other organs that have been cut out.

Revealing mistake: When Dale is shot with the arrow, the feather side is lower than the tip side.

Revealing mistake: When Dale takes the necklace off Mara, you can see her breathing when she's supposed to be dead.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Nina is tied up around the wrist with razor wire and Dale shows up to rescue her by putting his knife in the wire to free her, suddenly the wire has changed and is extremely loose. Before it was bigger and tightly tied around her wrists.


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Amber: You don't get it, do you? I'm not into men.
Jonesy: Whoa... you're a lesbian? How hot is that?

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Question: Before Nina and Jake found the little girl's remains inside the safe in the office of the abandoned mill, there was a bloody handprint on it. Who does it belong to?


Answer: Possibly one of the girl's parents, hiding their little girl in the safe before being attacked, captured and killed by the Mutant family.


Answer: Erica.

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