Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Factual error: At the end, you can see Kimberly hanging in the background. After being cut in half, I doubt your clothes would stay on. (01:26:00)

Factual error: If the mill was abandoned 30 years ago, how is there still power? The power company wouldn't leave electricity on in an abandoned place.

Factual error: If a person gets cut in half with an ax, a lot more will spill out than just intestines and a little blood.

Factual error: In the end it shows Kimberly's car with a front West Virginia plate. In West Virginia, you only get rear plates.

Continuity mistake: When Amber and Jonesy get an arrow through the head, the cannibal was on Jonesy's side, so the tip should have gone through Amber's head, not Jonesy's.

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Jonesy: Okay, from now on, you'll be the uptight lesbian sister I never had. Deal?

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Question: Before Nina and Jake found the little girl's remains inside the safe in the office of the abandoned mill, there was a bloody handprint on it. Who does it belong to?


Answer: Possibly one of the girl's parents, hiding their little girl in the safe before being attacked, captured and killed by the Mutant family.


Answer: Erica.

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