Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

25 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: When Crystal Lowe is at the lake where they are shooting the nude scene, notice that when she takes off her top and turns around towards the camera, the chain of the necklace that she is wearing is under her hands, but in the next scene the chain is in between her breasts. And afterwards when she covers herself up with her hands, the chain is back on her breast. (00:29:05)

Factual error: At the end, you can see Kimberly hanging in the background. After being cut in half, I doubt your clothes would stay on. (01:26:00)

Continuity mistake: When Amber and Jonesy get an arrow through the head, the cannibal was on Jonesy's side, so the tip should have gone through Amber's head, not Jonesy's.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Nina is tied up around the wrist with razor wire and Dale shows up to rescue her by putting his knife in the wire to free her, suddenly the wire has changed and is extremely loose. Before it was bigger and tightly tied around her wrists.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end when the family is eating, Ma puts some food on Nina's plate. After she throws up, the plate is clean.

Character mistake: Jonesy says he read about Amber going to West Point. She was a Marine, and not in the Army, which is what West Point is for.

Plot hole: If Nina was hiding where she couldn't see the truck, how did she know that Mara was tied to the hood of it?


Plot hole: As we have seen in part 1, these inbreds have high tolerance to pain. They are stabbed with different objects, hit by cars, etc. Yet in this movie the mother is in labor and acting like a normal woman giving birth. If they can't feel pain, why is she carrying on like a normal woman?

Character mistake: When Nina falls in the hole, why does Jake use his bad arm that he's had surgery on to pull her out, dislocating his bad shoulder?

Revealing mistake: When Jake is being tied up, he's holding his hands up to make it easier for the cannibal to tie up. Also when they drag him out of view, he's holding his head up so it doesn't drag the ground, although he's supposed to be unconscious during all this.

Continuity mistake: Jake and Nina jump in the water to escape the sister. They climb out and in the next scene at the mill, their clothes and hair are dry.

Continuity mistake: When the sister is driving the truck, her arm and hand is clean although the character is filthy.

Plot hole: Why did Dale just stand there when Ma threw the barbed wire and weights at him, and not even try to run at all?

Revealing mistake: After Amber and Jonesy are killed, the blood starts dripping on the son's face. Since when is blood black in color? This is a thick and syrupy-looking black liquid.

Revealing mistake: When the hillbillies are dragging away Kimberly's body, it bounces along the ground like rubber.

Factual error: If the mill was abandoned 30 years ago, how is there still power? The power company wouldn't leave electricity on in an abandoned place.

Factual error: If a person gets cut in half with an ax, a lot more will spill out than just intestines and a little blood.

Revealing mistake: Notice the guy who's hanging upside down. His intestines are hanging out of his body and they aren't even bloody. Neither are the other organs that have been cut out.

Revealing mistake: When Dale is shot with the arrow, the feather side is lower than the tip side.

Factual error: In the end it shows Kimberly's car with a front West Virginia plate. In West Virginia, you only get rear plates.

Jonesy: Okay, from now on, you'll be the uptight lesbian sister I never had. Deal?

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Question: Before Nina and Jake found the little girl's remains inside the safe in the office of the abandoned mill, there was a bloody handprint on it. Who does it belong to?


Answer: Possibly one of the girl's parents, hiding their little girl in the safe before being attacked, captured and killed by the Mutant family.


Answer: Erica.

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