Teeth (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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Tobey is later found beneath said make out point waterfall, having bleed to death from his severed manhood. Dawn goes to see specialist Dr. Godfrey, who confirms Dawn has a vagina dentata, when it severs his fingers. With her mother dying of cancer, she turns to her admirer Ryan for support. She wants to turn herself in, but he convinces her he can conquer her teeth. All is going well until he reveals he made a bet he could bed her, causing her internal fangs to flare up snipping his privates. After her mother Kim dies, Dawn is informed that her stepbrother, Brad was never there when Kim needed him. She let's him fulfill his fantasies of sleeping with her, vagina dentata goes to work, only this time she ensures that even if he doesn't die, then the severed part won't be reattached as she feeds it to their dog who chews it up then spits it out due to Brad's Prince Albert piercing.After hitching a ride to elsewhere, the lecherous driver demands a sex fee for driving her to her current destination. When she refuses, he deadlocks the car doors. Giving up she gives him a cruel smile as he becomes her next potential victim of her vagina dentata

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Dawn is sitting on the edge of the tub after her shower, her "purity ring" switches from her left hand to her right and then back to her left hand in between close up and wide angle shots. (00:40:25)

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