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Continuity mistake: In the scene when Mary visits Hancock for the first time at his house, she arrives from the air and crashes down on the ground, after a discussion inside they both walk outside together and Mary is shown getting into a car. In the next shot shown from above the house the car has disappeared and they both fly into the air.


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Suggested correction: No, we see her drive up in the car, not fly in. But you are right that when we see them take off the car is missing.


You must have seen a different version of the movie I saw her land there, it's on Netflix.

You're right. I just saw the version on Netflix and she flies in, while the version from disc I have shows her drive up with a minute of dialog between them next to the car that is not in the Netflix version. I find it very surprising that there are two versions with that major of a difference.


An extended cut was released on DVD and Blu-Ray which has a couple extra scenes as well as modified scenes (including Mary driving to Hancock's). Netflix would have shown the theatrical cut version. (Or if I had to venture a guess, the UK release version as Netflix has a tendency to use those versions for some reason).


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Hancock is in bed without shoes on. Then when the attack starts, he goes outside to defeat the enemies wearing shoes.

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Suggested correction: When is he shown without shoes on? In every shot of him in the hospital bed, he's seen wearing shoes. When he's first brought in, when Mary first sees him, and when the gunmen first attack while he's still on the bed you see he has shoes on.


Continuity mistake: When Hancock gets inside the van with the first group of baddies, bullets impact on his face and glasses, yet make no damage. Angle focuses on the baddies and when back to Hancock his glasses are suddenly totally messed up.

Sacha Premium member

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Suggested correction: When he's shot at, you actually see the glasses get hit at least 3 times. The right lens, then the left, then the top part of the frame on the left. When the camera is back on the shooters for an extended time, they're still shooting at him, causing more damage.


Factual error: End of the movie, Hancock is in New York with the sun setting. Ray and family are in L.A. with the moon out and no Sun. New York would have nightfall before L.A. would, considering it's 3 hours behind New York.

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Suggested correction: It is nighttime in both locations. In New York, there is a dim glow in the sky due to light pollution. This the same reason it is almost impossible to see any stars in the night sky in New York City. Also, a full moon that far above the horizon is only possible at nighttime, and we see Hancock look up at the moon, so again it is nighttime in NYC.


Stupidity: Why on earth would the prisoners gang up on Hancock in the prison yard and threaten him with violence? They know who he is, and they know he is an invulnerable superhero and could take everyone of them down painfully with one hand. Even those who don't have personal experience of him would know from the media reports that he cannot be beaten by a human being. Don't tell me they think he is a reformed character or that he has somehow been 'weakened' by his imprisonment - they continue attacking him AFTER he has violently punished two, brutally humiliating two of them for merely threatening him - and they hurt themselves hitting him even when he just stood still and took it. Basic prison mentality - do not attack an opponent that you cannot beat. Losing a fight means losing status, losing face, and in a hellhole prison like the one in which Hancock is incarcerated, that can be - and often is - fatal.

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Suggested correction: It wasn't so much as them believing they could beat him. But several factors here. The invincible superhero is suddenly in prison and not breaking out. It is reasonable to believe that a lot of inmates would think that perhaps he has been weakened and thus vulnerable and see this as opportunity for revenge. Even if that's not the case, basic prison mentality is to prove dominance and show no weakness. Attacking Hancock would demonstrate to the other prisoners that they did not have fear and were tough, even if they couldn't win as a way of proving themselves. Not only this, but the type of people in a prison tend to not be the most forward thinking type.

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This correction is just plain wrong. Do you think Mike Tyson was ever attacked during his incarceration? Not a chance. I was in the Melbourne Remand Centre when a karate expert - he came third in the world championships - joined us after being banged up on his sixth dui charge. He was "ghosted" - that's an actual thing in prison - treated as if he wasn't even there. Not even the toughest of the tough would even acknowledge his presence.

Continuity mistake: When Hancock is coming up on the SUV in the beginning, he has a bottle of whiskey in his left hand. When he lands and goes to rip off the roof of the SUV, you see his left hand empty (except for a handful of roof). After opening the vehicle, you see him fly backwards, and you see that he has the bottle in hand again.

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Suggested correction: If you watch it again, you see after he rips the roof off and goes flying backward, the bottle actually flies back with him, and he actually grabs it. So he tucked it away or set it somewhere while off-screen to rip the roof off.


Continuity mistake: When Hancock puts the woman on the hospital bed near the end of the movie when he walks out he walks into the metal bar holding the window in place and as a result it bends. In the next shot where you see the frame it doesn't even have a scratch let alone being bent.

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Hancock: I apologize to the people of Los Angeles. My behavior has been improper and I accept the consequences. I ask my fellow Angelinos for their patience and understanding. Life here can be difficult for me. After all, I am the only one of my kind. During my incarceration, I will be participating in alcohol and anger management treatment. You deserve better from me. I can be better. I will be better.

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Trivia: In the beginning, the song "Move B*tch" is accompanying Hancock's first action scene. Will Smith sings this song in "Bad Boys II" when threatening the boy who comes to pick up his partner's daughter for a date.

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Question: I'm not sure if I was seeing things but during the fight between Hancock and Mary, when it goes all windy and stormy, at one point it cuts to some people who are screaming and running away. I thought I saw a figure that appears to be made out of rocks or similar material and about 10 foot tall, it wasn't our hero or heroine as they were not in that scene so what on earth was it?

Answer: I saw it, too, and wondered. He's a street performer in L.A. that just happened to be around during filming. See: http://io9.com/5023487/hancock-giant-robot-mystery-++-solved.


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