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Factual error: During CONTROL's paintball training session, a barrel view of a bullet exiting the gun is shown as it travels to its target. However, the entire bullet is shown, casing and all, instead of just the bullet. (00:09:10)


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Continuity mistake: When Max talks to the bakery clerk, the plate of rolls on the counter moves, depending on the shot. (00:57:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Max and 99 are fighting Dalip on top of the bakery, Dalip punches a hole in the wall beside 99's head. When he body slams Max, the hole has disappeared. (01:04:55)

Factual error: When Max falls out of the trap door in the airplane, they show an overhead view of him falling, shot from the ceiling of the bathroom. You see his body falling briefly before they cut the camera angle. With the speed of a commercial airliner being in excess of 500 miles per hour his body would have left the camera's view within a split second of him hitting the outside wind currents.

Continuity mistake: In the plane's bathroom, Max shoots himself several times with the mini-crossbow: in the cheek, ear, etc. After landing on the ground, all traces of the dart punctures are gone.

Revealing mistake: When Max and 99 climb onto the SUV to try and get on board the plane, 23 trips Max who then knocks 99 off her feet. As she falls, you can see the black cable used to keep the stunt woman from falling off the SUV.


Continuity mistake: In the sequence of the laser rays, Agent 99 comes out of the sewer with her shoes on. Never the less, when she begins to do her stunt to cross without touching the lasers, she has them off. Then when she has crossed, she has them on again, but we never actually see her take them off or carry them while she is crossing.

Deliberate mistake: When Max and 99 are in the air, they can be seen talking to each other. This is not possible (as proven on Mythbusters) even if you were yelling at the top of your lungs. The wind would make any noise unrecognizable, yet we hear them talking to each other just fine.

Continuity mistake: The Chief flies in a fixed undercarriage Cessna aircraft. During some of the flying sequences, the aircraft is shown as a tail-dragger with retracted undercarriage.

Continuity mistake: When Agent 99 and Max are fighting the guards in Kristic's house, the hole Max and 99 used to get in disappears and reappears randomly.

Revealing mistake: Obvious digital flames on the exterior shots of the SUV when it is on fire. The most noticeable spot is the front windscreen, where the "flames" can be seen to have no depth.

Factual error: When Max falls from the plane without his parachute it takes 99 over 30 seconds to make her jump (actually much longer because the scene was cut several times during her preparation to jump), yet she catches up to him in a few seconds. In actuality it would have been impossible for her to catch up to him. In the time it took for her to jump a commercial airliner would have traveled well over 5 miles. A previous corrector proposed that it would have been possible because Smart would continue moving in the direction of the aircraft after exiting it. Not true; a skydiver's lateral velocity drops to zero within a few seconds because of wind resistance. Also, Smart would have dropped well over 1600 meters in the time that it took 99 to jump. At the steepest decent angle and maximum velocity possible 99 could not make up the distance (sorry to mix standard and metric units here; I've researched this information on multiple skydiving websites).

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the film, Max and Agent 99 are in various different dramatic scenes in an industrial area, thus dirtying their clothes. However, on their way to Disney Hall afterwards, their clothing is in a clean, spotless condition.

Continuity mistake: The skydiving sequence between Smart, 99 and Dalip is a mess of continuity errors; obviously the product of multiple takes/jumps. It begins over fields with no clouds below them, then on each subsequent shift in camera angles the area below them is either completely cloudy or clear. Then they fall through the clouds (which were not there originally). After coming through the bottom of the clouds the scene continues to shift between them falling to a cloudless background and a cloudy one.

Visible crew/equipment: When you are watching the Chief fly the plane and Max wants to get out, if you look on the ground you can see that the actual freeway/highway is blocked off by a police car with detour signs or cones on the bottom right side. (01:32:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Max drives the Secret Service vehicle through the golf course, the driver's side door mirror is broken off. It then changes back and forth from hanging limply by a few wires to securely fastened on the door. (01:30:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Max is in the bakery, his gun keeps switching around. From a SIG to a Beretta to a Glock, then back to a SIG.

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Continuity mistake: Back at the KAOS Headquarters when Siegfried finishes with the phone call he turns around to speak to the big man. The violin jumps from under his right arm to him holding it in his left hand. (00:51:15)

Factual error: In the beginning of the film, Max is walking down the National Mall listening to his iPod. He walks toward the Smithsonian Building (the supposed location of CONTROL's headquarters). However, in the next shot, he is entering the National Museum of Natural History, which is on the other side of the Mall and is further down. Also, exhibitions of CONTROL's history are seen in the museum. The Museum of Natural History exhibits prehistoric and natural objects. The exhibition on CONTROL should actually belong in the Museum of American History. (00:01:45)


Revealing mistake: Max and Agent 23 are fighting in the car scene near the end of the film, and Max is hanging out of the car door. In some of the shots from Agent 23's POV, you can see that it is a stuntman instead of Steve Carell hanging out the car door.

Agent 23: If we don't follow rules, then who are we?
The Chief: I'll tell you who we're not. We're not people who shove staples into other people's heads! That's CIA crap!

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Trivia: The original Siegfried, Bernie Kopell, makes a cameo as the driver of the Opel that nearly hits Smart. Unfortunately, other members of the original show were not able to make appearances: Don Adams (Maxwell Smart) - died September 2005. Edward Platt (Chief) - died March 1974. Robert Karvelas (Larrabee) - died December 1991.

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