The Happening

Continuity mistake: When the Jeep stops in Priceton, we can see its on a single land road. However once it starts to accelerate in the next shot to ram the tree at the intersection, it is now a forked road.


Factual error: Filbert is in the southwest corner of PA. It is very far out of the way of Harrisburg and completely off the route from Philadelphia to Harrisburg.

Factual error: There are no tracks, stations or train routes in Filbert, PA.


Revealing mistake: When they are sitting down for dinner at the old lady's home, it is clear that a very white light source is in the room brightening things up - something that non-electric oil/kerosene light sources cannot do.


Factual error: The cars the train is pulling for the Philadelphia to Harrisburg route are not ones that represent any passenger cars used for the Amtrak or Keystone routes.


Deliberate mistake: When the red jeep is driven into the tree, two of the occupants are thrown through the windscreen with such force that they land about 15 feet away from the vehicle, one of whom was sitting in the back. But John, who was in the front passenger seat with no seat belt on stays put. Then calmly gets out seemingly uninjured? (00:32:30)

Continuity mistake: In the very first scene where Elliot comes home and finds Anna sitting on the couch we see that the handbag she has is black but a couple of minutes later it's changed to yellow.

Other mistake: When the Jeep crashes and John gets out, he sits on the ground behind the vehicle and picks up a shard of glass that's supposed to be from the vehicle accident. Given that all the glass on the jeep shows to be intact, the glass couldn't have come from the Jeep as insinuated by the audio and placement of the shard.


Continuity mistake: When the woman shows the video at the Filbert restaurant of the man being mutilated by the lions, the position of her hand holding the iPod changes between the front and back shots. (00:24:25)

Continuity mistake: When the train first leaves Philly heading to Harrisburg, there are 4 cars pulling out and 5 on the overhead shot. Also when pulling out of Philly it is a diesel engine and the overhead is electric.


Elliot Moore: Can this really be happening?

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