Woodstock (1970)


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Joan Baez: Who's on?
Festival Staff: I guy named Bert Sommer and, I think, Timmy Hardin is going on next.
Joan Baez: So, the order of everything is just kapooey?
Festival Staff: You close tonight. You're closing.
Joan Baez: Okay. Maybe they'll be a few more people here by then. I don't don't want to close a puny gathering like this.

Artie Kornfeld - Music Promoter: Somebody was saying this is the second largest city in New York. There's been no police. There's been no trouble. If you check the statistics out, you'll find out these people at three hundred plus thousand people have lived together peacefully.

Chip Monck - Stage Announcer: Somebody may have noticed or all of you may have noticed, our familiar colored helicopter over there. The United States Army has lent us some medical teams and giving us a hand. They're with us, man! They are not against us! They're with us and they're here to give us all a hand and help us.

David Crosby: This is our second gig.
Stephen Stills: This is the second time we've ever played in front of people, man, we're scared shitless.

Country Joe McDonald: Gimme an F.
Crowd: F.
Country Joe McDonald: Gimme a U.
Crowd: U.
Country Joe McDonald: Gimme a C.
Crowd: C.
Country Joe McDonald: Gimme a K.
Crowd: K.
Country Joe McDonald: What's that spell?
Crowd: Fuck.

Blue Bandana Girl: About 30 hours at least.
Interviewer: Thirty hours straight? No naps?
Blue Bandana Girl: No naps.
Interviewer: Are you on speed?
Blue Bandana Girl: No. I'm not on anything.
Interviewer: On blind faith.
Blue Bandana Girl: Blind Faith is a groovy group.

Hugh "Wavy Gravy" Romney: We must be in heaven, man.

Chip Monck - Stage Announcer: The forecast for this afternoon is: intermittent entertainment between intermittent showers.

Chip Monck - Stage Announcer: Maybe the best thing for everybody to do, unless you have a tent or some place specific to go to, is carve yourself out a piece of territory, say goodnight to your neighbor, and say thank you to yourself for making this the most peaceful, most pleasant day anybodies ever had in this kind of music.

Hugh "Wavy Gravy" Romney: Now, people been sayin' that some of the acid is poison. It's not poison! It's just bad acid. It's manufactured poorly. So, anybody that thinks they've taken some poison: forget it! And if you feel like experimenting, only take half a tab, okay? Thank you.

Richie Havens: There are a hundred million songs gonna be sung tonight. All of them are going to be singing about the same thing, which I hope, everybody who came, came to hear. Really. And it's all about you. Actually. And me and everybody around the stage and everybody that hasn't gotten here and the people that are gonna read about you tomorrow. Yes! And how really groovy you were. All over the world! If you can dig where that's at.

Hugh "Wavy Gravy" Romney: Yeah. Yeah. My name is Hugh Romney. I'm with the Hog Farm. And I'm workin' on a scene some people call it bum trips. I don't think there's such a thing as a bum trip. We're working with hobo voyages. A half an hour after we release anybody from our section we turn them into doctors and they care for people that were trippin' like they were when they came in.

Chip Monck - Stage Announcer: There are 45 doctors or more. I know of at least 45 who are here without pay, because, they dig what this is into.

Female Payphone Caller #1: I'm going to call my mother and father. Because, oh, they think that this is gonna be like another Chicago, you know, like I'm gonna get my head beaten in and they're terrified. So, I'm going to call and tell them, "Ha ha. I fooled you. I'm alive."

Crying Girl: I have to get out of here because there's just too many people. And I can't leave, because, my friends will be lost. And I can't, I can't stay here any more. It's just too crowded.

Hugh "Wavy Gravy" Romney: Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand.

Interviewer: Well, you're doin' a good job here.
Port-O-San Maintenance Man: Thank you very much. Glad to do it for these kids. My son's here too and I got one over in Vietnam too. He's up in the DMZ right now with all the flying helicopters.

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