Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Other mistake: At the beginning of the scene involving the 2000 Presidential Election recount, a national election map is onscreen for a few seconds. Virginia is colored in Republican red, but the Eastern Shore of the state bordering Maryland is erroneously colored blue.

Other mistake: Fry got the tattoo while he was in the cryogenic device. Yet Fry has never had that tattoo until it was pointed out.

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Suggested correction: No, but it's the same with many things in cartoons like this in that things don't roll over to following episodes or vice versa. Example. Kenny gets killed in most South Park episodes upto about S7. But he's always in the next episode.

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Professor Farnsworth: Time travel is impossible!
Fry: But Professor, you time traveled yourself. Remember? When we went back to Roswell?
Professor Farnsworth: That proves nothing! And furthermore, you'd think I could remember a thing like that! Plus, who are you anyway?

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