Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Corrected entry: During the "Toy Shop Going to War" song number, Santa asks President Nixon's Head if the Neptunian elves could sue for liability. Nixon's Head is only President of Earth, not Neptune, and would have no jurisdiction. (01:12:00)


Correction: That may be. That doesn't mean Santa can't ask someone who may know a little more about law.


Corrected entry: When the Scammer aliens first arrive at Planet Express, they walk right by Fry, yet they don't detect his tattoo until several scenes later.

Correction: It could be that Fry's body odor, or the layers of clothing he had on blocked the scammers "spronger" and therefore delayed their discovery.

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Al Gore: Finally, I get to save the Earth with deadly lasers instead of deadly slide shows!

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