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Corrected entry: When Po's father shows the panda pictures, his grandfather and he show the photos from right to left. But we have seen the photos on the wall as a background arranged left to right.


Correction: The photos are always shown from left to right, this is even more clear in a frame-by-frame viewing.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Po and Shifu are fighting over the dumpling, during the point where the dumpling is hanging off the tree, skewered on the chopstick, the dumpling starts to slip. From a wide shot, we can see that the dumpling is at the halfway point on the chopstick. In the next shot, it's all the way at the end of the chopstick.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Of course - it's sliding down the chopstick.

Corrected entry: After Shifu is told that Tai Lung is going to escape, he immediately sends a messenger to the prison with orders about doubling the guards. The messenger takes off immediately, leaving Shifu behind, where he is told by his master that a new dragon warrior is going to be appointed. When this urgent messenger arrives at the prison, the guard tells Tai Lung that a new dragon warrior is going to be appointed. But due to the fact that the messenger left before this was decided and that the prison is very remote, it seems unlikely that he should know something like that.

Correction: The new dragon warrior was picked when the panda dropped into the ceremony, which was before the messenger was sent off.

Corrected entry: Shifu and Po argue over what the prophecy contains. Po leaves, with an empty scroll case, leaving Shifu holding the scroll. Yet, when Po fights Tai-Lung, despite not indication of interaction with Shifu again, he has both the scroll and scroll case.

Correction: Shifu looks into the pool of water. You can see right afterwards that he is placing the lid onto the scroll case. Since we don't see the lower half of his body in the previous shot, he could have easily slipped the scroll back inside the case before closing it up.

Shannon Jackson

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, just after Po falls down the stairs, you will see the shadow of his father is that of a panda, not a duck.

Correction: This is not trivia, it is obvious. His father is holding a bundle of things that make his shadow look like a panda, so that everyone thinks his father is a panda. It's a deliberate gag in the movie.

Correction: We never actually see Tigress paralyzed, just Monkey. She had plenty of time to flinch, or simply blink before Tai Lung paralyzed her.

Corrected entry: When Po leaves Crane's room, the door directly across the hall opens, and we see that it is Master Tigress's room. However, the next morning when Master Shifu wonders where Po is, he opens the door of the bedroom directly across the hall from Tigress' room and it is now Po's, not Crane's.

Correction: Not true. After Po leaves Crane's room, he walks down the hall a few feet and then Tigress's door opens.

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Corrected entry: After the Furious Five go after Tai-Lung, the next morning shows Shifu very calm, not at all concerned about where his pupils are. Since the Dragon Warrior prophecy is a major plot point (it is stated repeatedly that ONLY the Dragon Warrior can defeat Tai-Lung), Shifu would know the Five would have no chance against him.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Shifu doesn't seem concerned because he doesn't know yet where they've gone.

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Corrected entry: Not really a mistake, just something interesting to notice. When Po is about to hit the inflatable dummy, as he is performing all his various moves, you can see Tigress crack the faintest little smile.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Tigress isn't smiling, she is frowning/grimacing or she is confused because her eyebrows come together. Not something you do when you are happy.

Jennifer 1

Corrected entry: On more than one occasion the characters refer to the white stuff Po is eating as "dumplings" but they are actually called "Pao", a form of Chinese white bread. Dumplings are meat or seafood wrapped in a thin rice wrapping. If dumplings were used in their fight scene it would break apart very easily. It also wouldn't be skewered like it did on the tree without breaking apart.

Correction: Not necessarily. There are Chinese dumplings that look like pao, without the fluffy texture of the dough. They could be either steamed or fried and would be about the same size as the ones shown in the movie. The Chinese have a lot of different types of dumpings, not just ones made with thin wrapping.

Corrected entry: The mystic peach tree has both blossoms and fruit. Since fruit comes from blossoms they should not have both been there.

Correction: It is a "mystic" peach tree.

Corrected entry: When Oogway finds Po under the "sacred peach tree of heavenly wisdom", Po has three peaches in his mouth, and one accidentally slips from his mouth, leaving two. When Oogway approaches, he removes just one peach from his mouth, while the other is lacking. (00:29:50)

Correction: Po is a heavy eater, so he probably ate he missing peach in one bite.


Corrected entry: Zeng the duck is sent away to Chorh-Gom prison by Shifu before Shifu and Oogway discuss the dragon scroll and the dragon warrior. While the selection ceremony is underway at the Jade Palace, Commander Vachir is touring Zeng around the prison far away. Neither Commander Vachir nor Zeng knew about the decision to select a dragon warrior, but Vachir says to Tai Lung, "Hey, tough guy! Did you hear? Oogway is about to give someone the Dragon Scroll, and it's not gonna be you." While we as viewers know about the scroll (dramatic irony), none of the characters in the prison scenes knew about the dragon warrior selection, and could not have told Tai Lung. Without this revelation, Tai Lung has no motivation to escape. (00:06:45 - 00:18:20)

Jim Erekson

Correction: It is true that Zeng the duck flew away before Shifu and Oogway could discuss the dragon scroll, but he arrived at the prison bearing a letter from Shifu. Given the ample time between the two occasions, both in real-world time and film time, it is plausible to assume Zeng didn't fly to prison directly. Instead, he stayed long enough to receive Shifu's letter, perhaps blundering about in the same style that we briefly saw at 06:57.


Continuity mistake: When Po is trying to get into the ceremony near the beginning of the film, he pulls himself up on the wall on what appears to be a lantern. Then when the crane creates the wind that blows Po down, the lantern is not there or in any subsequent shots of the wall.

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Suggested correction: Po pulls himself on the round hole in the wall. There is no lantern of any sort nearby.

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Oogway: Your mind is like the water. When it is agitated it becomes difficult to see, but when you let it settle, the answer becomes clear.

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Trivia: When Tai-Lung escapes from prison, one of the guards he knocks over lets out a Wilhelm scream. (00:33:30)

Cubs Fan

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Question: Why couldn't Po open the gates to the ceremony but his father could when Oogway declares Po the Dragon Warrior?

Roman Curiel

Why lock them at the beginning of the ceremony only to unlock them before it's over? I believe this is a continuity error.

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