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Continuity mistake: When Shifu performs the Wuxi finger hold on Po, in one shot, we see all of Po's fingers, except the one Shifu is holding, are closed to his palm. In the next shot, all his fingers are open. (00:22:05)

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Kung Fu Panda mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Po accidentally breaks the Urn of Whispering Warriors, the broken pieces move around on the floor. (00:21:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Po is trying to get into the ceremony near the beginning of the film, he pulls himself up on the wall on what appears to be a lantern. Then when the crane creates the wind that blows Po down, the lantern is not there or in any subsequent shots of the wall.

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Suggested correction: Po pulls himself on the round hole in the wall. There is no lantern of any sort nearby.

Continuity mistake: When Tai Lung reads the Dragon Scroll, he drops it on the ground. For the rest of the scene, it's gone.

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Kung Fu Panda mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Po is trying to get into the ceremony at the beginning of the film, the fireworks attached to his chair explode and leave him with dirty white fur. After he clears the gate and gets inside to the ceremony his white fur is completely clean again.

Continuity mistake: When Shifu is speaking to Oogway under the mystic peach tree, he slams the ground, causing a large number of peaches to fall. In the following wide shot, only a few peaches are on the ground - none of which are even close to Shifu, who hasn't moved very far from his original position.

Continuity mistake: When Tai Lung is at prison, and he breaks his shield-thing off, the guardians fire four arrows at him and he evades all of them. He uses the fourth and last one to break the shackle off his hand. But in the next camera angle, there are five arrows stuck in the floor. Where did the fifth one come from?

Continuity mistake: When Po tries to pole-vault into the arena, there is a large spiderweb-like crack that appears in the wall when he fails. However, when Po is launched by the fireworks powered chair, he is thrown against the same wall but the crack is gone.

Plot hole: Zeng the duck is sent away to Chorh-Gom prison by Shifu before Shifu and Oogway discuss the dragon scroll and the dragon warrior. While the selection ceremony is underway at the Jade Palace, Commander Vachir is touring Zeng around the prison far away. Neither Commander Vachir nor Zeng knew about the decision to select a dragon warrior, but Vachir says to Tai Lung, "Hey, tough guy! Did you hear? Oogway is about to give someone the Dragon Scroll, and it's not gonna be you." While we as viewers know about the scroll (dramatic irony), none of the characters in the prison scenes knew about the dragon warrior selection, and could not have told Tai Lung. Without this revelation, Tai Lung has no motivation to escape. (00:06:45 - 00:18:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Po's Dad puts the apron on his following their hug the apron appears out of nowhere, having not appeared in any previous scene.

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Factual error: After Tigress tells the backstory of Tai Lung the scene transitions from her being a cub to an adult. Young Tigress' stripes don't match the pattern of Adult Tigress. Tiger stripes don't change with age.

Continuity mistake: When Po's father shows the panda pictures, his grandfather and he show the photos from right to left. But we have seen the photos on the wall as a background arranged left to right.

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Suggested correction: Photos are always shown from left to right, this is even more clear in a frame-by-frame viewing.

Continuity mistake: When Shifu chops a peach for Oogway, he throws it up and slices it in half. He falls, stomps a hole into the ground, and catches the peach pit. However, the two peach halves do not fall with it.


Factual error: When master Shifu is trying to show Po how to do a perfect split, Tigress breaks clay over Po's head. Violating the laws of physics, the larger piece of the clay falls last and the powder of the clay falls first.

Other mistake: When the villagers return to their homes, Po is seen emerging from an alley obscured with dust. In the shot where we can only see his profile, Po's "cape" is blowing in the wind, but the dust does not seem to be affected.

Master Oogway: There is a saying: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

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Trivia: According to behind the scenes featurettes, James Hong's father owns a noodle shop. Hong voices Po's father, Mr. Ping, who also owns a noodle shop.

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