Sex and the City: The Movie

Continuity mistake: When Big and Carrie are discussing the number of people invited to the wedding, Big says it's a circus and retreats to the bathroom to brush his teeth - at first, he has a toothbrush in his hand, but when he cuddles Carrie, the toothbrush is gone.


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Suggested correction: It does show him placing the toothbrush down on the counter. You can see his eyes quickly look to the right and you can see his right arm slightly move a little as he places the toothbrush down on the counter just before he embraces Carrie.

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Continuity mistake: When Miranda takes a sip of her latte in the restaurant scene with Steve, only half of her upper lip has foam on it. In the next shot of her it is covering the whole of her upper lip. The same happens to the foam on Steve's lip when he mimics her. (00:24:50)

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Trivia: At the beginning when Carrie is putting her books on the shelf, she looks at a photo of her and the girls; the shot is from the last scene of the TV show season 3 finale. (00:03:55)

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