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Corrected entry: In the all girl sleepover the night before Carrie and Big's wedding when Big calls Carrie's cell phone and Lily answers by saying "sex" you can actually hear Sarah Jessica Parker prompting the little girl to say it.

Correction: Carrie is telling Lily, "Now say something", which is a plausible thing for her character to be saying since Lily is answering the phone.

Corrected entry: When arriving to Mexico, Carrie is lying on the bed with the light streaming in the window and Samantha comments "It's going to be a gorgeous sunset." Next day morning Miranda wakes her up with word "Morning" and the sun is still shining on the bed from the same side. (00:56:40 - 00:57:25)

Correction: When Carrie lies on the bed and Samantha has said "it's going to be a gorgeous sunset", Miranda turns to the window to close the shutters and you don't actually see the sun shining in, it is the light from outside just streaming in. However, in the morning scenes when Miranda says "morning" and the next morning when Samantha is feeding Carrie, this is where it looks like the sun is trying to come in through the shutters.

Corrected entry: When Charlotte leaves the house in Mexico to go to the gym, she is wearing black work-out pants and a pink tube top. When she leaves the spa, she's wearing pink pants and a dark purple top. The blue bag she's carrying isn't bulky enough to be full of a change of clothes, as you can see when she rushes past the girls back at the house.

Correction: When Charlotte leaves the hotel room to go to the gym she is wearing her workout clothes, purple sports bra and black work out pants. Once she has finished she showers, as most do because you can get pretty sweaty during, and puts on her pink track pants and black singlet to return back to the hotel room. I agree her bag isn't really big but it's big enough to carry what she is wearing back to their hotel room.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, where Samantha meets up with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, she holds her arms out and says loudly, "Ladies". She is smiling at the girls, but her lips stay closed and don't move at all.

Correction: It is actually Carrie who says it not Samantha, and she says, "Oh, Lady, hi!"

Corrected entry: In the scene where Carrie moves back into her apartment, you see her wedding dress lying on a chair in front of the window. Then later, when she and Louise are unpacking her clothes, Carrie opens a moving box with the wedding dress inside.

Correction: Several days have gone by between Carrie coming back to her apartment to the time when Carrie opens the box in her closet, so it is quite possible that Louise has packed the wedding dress in that box. This being her job and all. Louise then says "not that one" when Carrie later opens the box. And that would imply that Carrie didn't know where the dress was placed.

Corrected entry: In the last season of the show, Samantha declares she is 45. In the movie, which is set three years later, she celebrates her 50th birthday, and the story of the movie spans a year; she should have been celebrating her 49th birthday.

Correction: It states in the main synopsis that the movie takes place four years after the season finale of the show, so the movie is correct in that it is Samantha's 50th birthday.

Michael Fitzgerald

Corrected entry: Carrie is 40 in the movie which is set three years after the last series of the TV show ended, in which she was 38. She should've been 41 in the movie.

Correction: Actually, it seemed more like Carrie started out at 40 then must have turned 41 without celebrating it on-screen because when she was asked to be in the Bridal magazine it was because she was a 40 year old bride BUT when she went trick or treating with Charlotte, Harry and Lilly, when they met up, Harry asked where her costume was and she said, "No, look closer. I'm the scariest thing in New York. Jolted at 41."

Corrected entry: Carrie dyes her hair a deep brown colour after leaving Big, but towards the end of the movie, she is back to her original multi-coloured, unkempt hair, which is the same as the start of the movie. It is almost impossible to go back after a dye job to a previous colour, especially one like Carrie's.

Correction: No it's not. It's expensive and pretty harmful to your hair to do that much work on it. But not impossible, it happens everywhere.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Carrie is leaving her apartment for the final time before marrying Big (she's wearing a purple dress), she is walking around with a handbag, but when she leaves she is now carrying a laptop.

Correction: When Carrie is walking around her apartment, just before she leaves for the last time, she is walking around with just her handbag in her hand, but you see her bending down and unplugging and picking up the laptop off the floor before she leaves the apartment.

Corrected entry: Louise, the personal assistant of Carrie, is showing Carrie where she puts the unopened mail. It's in a cupboard next to the wall. Later, when Carrie is looking for mail from Big, she takes the mail from a cupboard next to the one Louise put it in.

Correction: When you see Louise putting the mail in the cupboard it is next to the TV, you can't see the first cupboard until the shot of Carrie removing the mail.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Carrie and Big are fighting about the size of their wedding, you can see boom mikes hovering over their heads for practically the entire scene. You can also see black reflective paneling above Big's head in the same scene.

Correction: The person reporting this mistake may have viewed an improperly matted print of the movie. The print shown in theaters doesn't contain these particular errors.

Corrected entry: In the first half of the movie, Carrie had blonde highlights with some roots showing. When Carrie comes back from her "honeymoon" with the girls she dyes her hair a dark brown. Then, toward the end of the movie, Carrie visits Charlotte in the hospital after she has her baby she has highlighted hair with some roots as she did in the first half of the movie.

Correction: In the scene when Carrie throws the baby shower for Charlotte, the opening monologue states, "And by Spring, I looked like my old self, in my new apartment, just in time for the baby shower." This is the first time we see her hair as it was in the beginning of the movie, which is part of what the line is indicating.

Corrected entry: When Carrie is typing, she hits the "period" key three times on the computer, but only two show up. Also, when she hits backspace, the same thing.

Correction: That doesn't mean it's a mistake. It's possible to hit a computer key too lightly and the letter or symbol does does not appear on the screen, especially with an older keyboard. I often do this myself and have to retype it.

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Corrected entry: Charlotte's water breaks when she is standing on the sidewalk; for one thing, there is no sound of water hitting the ground and secondly, there is no wet patch on the ground when the shot zooms out moments later.

Correction: Well, based on my own fun experiences in this area, I will tell you that for two of my children, though I keenly felt my water break there was such a minute amount of fluid that it was not obvious to anyone around me.

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Corrected entry: In Carrie's apartment the phone keeps changing on the table when she first walks into the apartment. In one scene it is the old black phone but in others it is a portable phone.

Correction: The black phone is the one by her bed, the portable is the one on the table by the door.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entirety of the film, at least eight boom mikes appear during the course of it.

Correction: Too vague to be considered a mistake. Resubmit with scene locations.


Corrected entry: Right after the wedding fiasco, Samantha tries to cancel Carrie's honeymoon trip for her. She tells Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda that she couldn't get Carrie a refund, but she instead got them all in (meaning the girls are now going to Mexico), and she has booked three more seats. However, there were already two seats booked (for Carrie and Big), so Samantha would only need to book two additional seats to accommodate all four of the girls.

raywest Premium member

Correction: With airline security the way it is these days, there is no way one of the other girls could have just filled Big's seat. They would have had to show ID and a boarding pass and passport with his information on it in order to be on the flight. Instead, and I'm sure Samantha knew this being that she's in PR, she most likely cancelled Big's ticket and then was able to "book three more" seats on the same flight so that the girls could go with Carrie.

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Continuity mistake: When Miranda takes a sip of her latte in the restaurant scene with Steve, only half of her upper lip has foam on it. In the next shot of her it is covering the whole of her upper lip. The same happens to the foam on Steve's lip when he mimics her. (00:24:50)

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Trivia: When Carrie is trying on dresses for her friends, the last dress she tries on with the fitted top and tulle bottom is the one she wears in the title sequence of the TV series. (00:33:50)

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