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Heather: What're you reading?
Nick: "Yuck!"
Heather: "Yuck!"? That's nice, isn't it?
Poppy: It's a classic, that.

Scott: You know what it means when they express themselves?
Poppy: Go on.
Scott: How little do they know. How little do their mothers know.
Poppy: Ooooh.
Scott: And they smell.
Poppy: It's not easy being you, is it, eh?

Scott: Bear with me.
Poppy: Is there? Where is he?

Suzy: The thing is, we're starting with Criminal Justice.
Poppy: Is that your first exam?
Suzy: Yeah, it's crap. If we had Cyber Crime first, or like, Crime and Pleasure, I could ease myself into it. No probs.

Scott: You know, you can make jokes while you're driving, Poppy, but you will crash and you will die laughing.
Poppy: Well, if you're going to go, it's the best way to go, I suppose. Are you scared of death, Scott?
Scott: No, I'm not scared of death. I'm scared of dying. That's why I woke up.
Poppy: Oh, when did you wake up?
Scott: A long time ago.
Poppy: Who set the alarm?
Scott: I set the alarm. I opened my eyes, and I saw.

Scott: The American dream never happened. The American nightmare is already here. I mean, look at the Washington Monument. It is 555 feet above the ground and 111 feet below the ground. 555 plus 111 is 666. 6-6-6, Poppy. 6-6-6.

Scott: Every week I ask you, "Please wear appropriate footwear." And every week you insist on wearing those stupid boots.
Poppy: Yeah, sorry about that.
Scott: You know what this is? This is vanity before safety.
Poppy: Oh, right.
Scott: "I'm sorry, Mrs Jones, I'm sorry. Poppy killed your child, but don't worry, she looked really cool in her sexy, seductive boots."
Poppy: Hmm, am I keeping you awake at night?
Scott: No.
Poppy: You sure about that?

Zoe: You can't make everyone happy.
Poppy: There's no harm in trying that Zoe, is there?

Scott: What am I supposed to call you?
Poppy: Oh how 'bout, Poppy?
Scott: Poppy?
Poppy: Yeah. No, whatever turns you on Scott, I don't mind.

Poppy: What we having, then?
Zoe: Food.
Poppy: That makes a change.
Zoe: Are you hungry?
Poppy: I'm ravishing.

Zoe: So where did you go tonight?
Poppy: Eternal question. Where have we been? Where are we going? What's the meaning of life? I went to the moon, and then back again.
Zoe: Wow, you walk quickly.
Poppy: I've got good legs.
Zoe: Yeah, you've got great legs. Not that you're my type.

Poppy: Oh no there's a juggernaut, get down.

Poppy: Do penguins emigrate?
Zoe: What - do they move to the Costa del Sol?

Poppy: Blimey O'Reilly.

Poppy: It was in a Cadillac. In Miami. Bunny hop down the beach. I was a bit pissed. It was hilarious.

Scott: Okay Poppy, this is your third driving lesson.
Poppy: I'm getting quite good, aren't I?
Scott: No, you're not good. You're smug. You're too easily distracted. You're distracted by squirrels, by dogs, by children in the park, by old ladies in surgical stockings, by half-naked men in their gardens.
Poppy: Oh well, he was quite fit, wasn't he?
Scott: No, he wasn't fit, he had a paunch.
Poppy: I didn't know you were checking it out so carefully, Scott, eh?

Scott: Cheapness is relative.

Factual error: In the title sequence, Poppy rides her bike down Kingsway, along the Strand, and south over Blackfriars Bridge. The next shot of her shows a street with an EC1 postcode (north of the river) and the following shot an SE1 postcode (south of the river again).

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