10 Items or Less

10 Items or Less (2006)

2 mistakes

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Factual error: When Scarlet decides to ram the other car, she asks 'Him' if there is a green Pontiac behind her. Him answers yes. In fact, the car is a Chevrolet Camaro, not a Pontiac. Him may be a detached actor that knows nothing about cars, but Scarlet knows the car and its owner well, and the owner's reaction proves the car hit was the intended target. (00:29:15)


Visible crew/equipment: As 'Him' is leading a sort of conga line of car wash workers as they dry off cars, the camera man is reflected in the fender as they dry the nearest car, a blue Chevrolet El Camino. (00:43:30)


Male Receptionist: You made me want to be a woman.
Him: I have that effect on people.

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