Plot hole: Needing more fuel to get to Tinian, the crew recovers some 55 gallon fuel drums from the beach. These drums weigh in excess of 400 pounds, yet one guy and one girl hoist them into the truck with little effort.

Plot hole: One of the flying dragons impacts the right outer engine of the B-29, and the fire spreads to the right inner engine. The crew lands the plane on the island, and the girls rebuild both engines, despite the fact there are no parts available on the island.

Factual error: The dying colonel opens the bomb bay doors, and drops the "little man" atomic weapon on the island, destroying the flying reptiles. In fact, the bomb and the fusing assemblies were transported to Tinian by separate methods. No one in his right mind would have loaded a FUSED atomic bomb into a B-29 to transport it to Tinian.

Factual error: Several times during the film, the "ebb and flow" of the combatants is mentioned. At the time of the film, July 1945, the Japanese were concerned about fortifying the home islands, not retaking islands far from Japan proper. No real explanation for the presence of a US "deuce-and-a-half" sitting at the Japanese encampment is offered.

Factual error: A Zero flies at about 330 MPH and these "Pterosaurs" have no problem keeping up with them and even overtaking them. However a Peregrine falcon (the fastest bird on earth) has an average horizontal speed of 65 MPH and a max dive speed of 240 MPH. I won't guess how fast a Pterosaur could fly, but 300 MPH?

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