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Corrected entry: It is rather obvious that Stansfield freaks out easily and is not a very reliable person. (For example when the police interrogate him about what happened to Matilda's family he behaves quite rudely.) So why can he work at the DEA? Shouldn't they choose their officers more carefully?

Correction: This is not in the least improbable. The news is filled with exposes of law enforcement agencies that had nothing to do with the job they were "supposed" to be doing. Here is one example - an entire unit of a police force in L.A. was investigated in '99 and 2000 for using prostitutes to sell drugs for them. This is the entire point of the movie - that the "good guys" (the DEA) are not good at all, while the "bad guys" (the assasins) are decent human beings. Major parts of the movie's message hinges on this.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the hotel where Leon kills Fatman's bodyguards outside the metal shutters, Fatman shoots the shutters with a Spectre M4 but more than 50 bullet holes appear (almost double by my count), more than the largest Spectre magazine holds. (00:06:10)

Correction: Firstly he doesn't use a Spectre, secondly, he picks up two guns so about double would be right anyway. The guy that uses a Spectre that shoots through the door of apartment 508 later on has time to reload.

Corrected entry: When the fat guy is firing his Uzi at the start of the film, there are way more bullet holes in the wall than the amount of bullets that this Uzi can carry.


Correction: The fat guy picks up two guns, thus he has twice the rounds.

Corrected entry: Stan bursts into Toni's birthday bash and they chat about the 'Italian' hitman. The balloons in the restaurant are moving behind Toni, but behind Stan they are completely still.

Correction: Not true. The balloons move around like the others, but they do change places in between the scenes moving between Stansfield's face and Tony's.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, after Stansfield shoots Leon and Leon gives Stansfield the grenade pin, there is an elaborate explosion. The first view of the explosion is from the down the street, and you can see there is a small explosion coming from underneath a police car at the exact instant the grenades go off. There is a possibility that the car might have blown up, but that would have been after the grenades went off first and after the car had been on fire for a while. (02:02:00)

Correction: Thought so too, but then I think it is more like the explosion travelling through some airvent or something. Seems more logical too, since the explosion from beneath the car was doing nothing else than light up.

Corrected entry: When speaking with Tony, Stansfield refers to Leon as the "Italian hitman" yet his accent is French. How did Stansfield and his crew arrive at the assumption that a man with a French accent was Italian, and thus working for Tony?

Correction: They don't say "Italian hitman" they say the Italian's hitman.


Corrected entry: When Mathilda is shown leaving the scene of the stakeout/shootout at the end, she gets on a tram to head back to school. However, the school, as stated by the headmistress on the phone, is in New Jersey. The tram Mathilda takes is a tram that goes only to and from Roosevelt Island (near Manhattan). Not only do you not get to or from New Jersey using the Roosevelt Island tram, but Mathilda would have had no occasion to be on that tram at all - she lives in either Manhattan or Brooklyn (looks more like Manhattan) and you don't use that tram to get from either of those to New Jersey either. Neither Danny Aiello's character, nor Mathilda's school, nor any of the hotels the two stayed in, nor Mathilda's home, nor anywhere else, would have been near Roosevelt Island or had her getting on that tram.

Correction: Nothing in the movie indicates she took the tram all the way to New Jersey. She likely would have left on the tram, and since the movie doesn't show the whole trip, at some point she would have transferred onto a different train, a bus, a taxi, a subway, or some other conveyance to get to Jersey.

Corrected entry: There are some inconsistencies with where Mathilda is supposed to be going to school. First of all, her father knows she goes to a boarding school and, according to the headmistress, she was supposed to be there at the time of all these events. Yet he asks her if she's done her homework, and she replies "I did it already" - implying that he thinks she's supposed to be going to school somewhere near home. Second, these events are all occurring in July - it's possible that a boarding school would have year-round classes, but as far as I know New York schools do not.

Correction: Like the submitter said, it is possible that the boarding school would have all-year classes. Secondly, Mathilda's father is not exactly someone who takes much interest in his kids. He can see that Mathilda spends all her time at home, but he simply does not care. When he asks her about her homework, he is not really concerned about her, but is grabbing for excuses to slap her and order her back into the apartment.


Corrected entry: Twice in the movie Matilda makes Leon cough up the milk he is drinking. Each time it happens the milk disappears off his face after a short cut to Matilda.

Correction: Both times you see him go to wipe it off, it's just the camera cuts away before you see him actually do it.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: When Stansfield and his "gang" return to Mathilda's apartment at 12 noon, Malky enters the scene carrying a shotgun. Before entering the apartment Stansfield takes the shotgun off him, but when they enter the apartment both Stansfield and Malky are holding shotguns.

Correction: There are two shotguns in this scene. When Stan's guys show up before entering the apartment, Benny is carrying the Ithaca shotgun that Malky ends up with. After Stan grabs Malky's first shotgun (which has a pistol grip) and enters, Leon peeks out of the hole in his door. When the camera shows his view of the hall, Malky now has Benny's shotgun. The movie just doesn't show Malky taking the shotgun from Benny. Upon closer inspection, you can see that these 2 shotguns are of different make and configuration.

Corrected entry: After Leon escapes from the SWAT team by putting on a SWAT uniform, he shortly takes off the gas mask when the medic is examining him. Stansfield then sees him and recognizes him. However he never came face to face with him before and I don't think he saw any pictures of him, so he shouldn't be able to recognize him.

Correction: As Stansfield is standing outside Mathilda apartment the fist time, while Malky and the guys are asking about the drugs, Leon walks past him into his apartment. They both look at each other for about 2 or 3 seconds as Leon is closing the door.

Continuity mistake: Before the dreadlocked man starts looking at the vinyl records in the apartment, he places his uzi down with the butt facing the camera. In the next shot the barrel is facing the camera, and switches back again in the next shot.

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Trivia: In the shot outside of Tony's restaurant, before the scene where we see him celebrating his birthday and being interrupted by Stansfield, you can see someone walking past the restaurant. That person is Luc Besson, the director of the movie.

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Question: I was wondering about the title change from "Leon" to the "Professional". Was the title only changed in the U.S. and if so why?

Answer: According to IMDb.com the title was only changed in the United States and the reason why was maybe audiences would find the title, "The Professional" more appealing than "Leon."

Tobin OReilly

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