The Incredible Hulk

Trivia: When General Ross is drinking at the bar, his drink is made up of equal parts of Hennessy, Cognac and Hypnotiq liqueur. The name for this drink is an "Incredible Hulk."

Trivia: Originally, the only line the Hulk was going to have was saying Betty's name. However, Letterier noticed that fans wanted the Hulk to have more lines so he added "Leave me alone" and "Hulk Smash."

Trivia: In the opening credits, a list of names is seen as being Bruce's known associates. One of the names is Rick Jones. In The Incredible Hulk comics, Rick Jones drove out onto the weapons testing site on a dare. Bruce saved his life, but that sacrifice caused Bruce to become the Hulk.

Trivia: At one point in the movie, when Bruce is walking on the streets at night, a song which has been popularly called Lonely Man is heard playing. This is the same song that was used at the end of every episode of the TV series The Incredible Hulk which starred Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

Trivia: At the start of the movie, Banner is watching TV, and a man gets slapped across the face. This is a young Bill Bixby who went on to play Banner in The Incredible Hulk TV Series.

Trivia: When Bruce is browsing through Betty Ross's files, we can briefly glimpse a file name with something to the effect of "animal webbing in human subjects". A nod to Spider-Man, perhaps?

Trivia: The news clip mentioned a campus magazine reporter called Jack McGee who had witnessed the Hulk assault in the grounds. This is a nod to the TV series where David Banner was pursued by an investigative reporter of the same name.

Trivia: During the creation of Abomination, the doctor performing the procedure gets some infected blood in a cut on his head and his head starts to pulsate. This looks like it will be a set up for the Leader to appear. The Leader is a character with enhanced brain power but ordinary strength.

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Trivia: Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber), the original creator of this comic book hero, has his usual cameo role in this movie. He's the guy who drinks the gamma contaminated soda from the fridge.

Trivia: In the film, a serum is mentioned as being created during World War II. This is a reference to the super soldier serum that created Captain America.

Trivia: Not only is STARK industries used, i.e. Iron Man, but Nick Fury, another Marvel hero, is mentioned on a piece of paper. Nick Fury is played by Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man, so maybe another hint at Avengers, as Nick Fury is an agent of SHIELD.

Trivia: The green cross, projected onto Dr. Banner's forehead, is exactly the same as the one from the original TV series.

Trivia: The security guard Banner manages to bribe with pizza is Lou Ferrigno, who played the Hulk in the TV series. Ferrigno also had a cameo as a security guard in The Hulk (2003).

Trivia: In the scene in the hotel Betty throws Bruce a pair of large purple shorts she has bought. This is a nod to the comic where the Hulk always wore large purple shorts.

Trivia: In addition to the large purple stretchy shorts already mentioned, Betty came back with a lumberjack style shirt, which she put on herself - a nod to the TV series where David Banner often wore one of these ahead of the rip scenes.

Trivia: Aside from Lou Ferrigno appearing in the film, there are other nods to the TV series such as the piano song about 1/4 of the way through the film(when Dr Banner is walking the streets) and when Dr Banner and Dr Ross steal the truck, it's a 70's model F-150 which Dr Banner also drove in the TV series, albeit a different colored one.


Trivia: When Bruce receives Betty's necklace in the mail, the package is addressed to David B. The name David Banner was used in the The Incredible Hulk TV series when it was decided the name Bruce would lead people to think the character was homosexual.

Trivia: Near the end of the film, Bruce Banner falls from a helicopter, transforming into the Hulk just before hitting the ground. This is a reversal of a scene from the TV movie "The Death of the Incredible Hulk" in which the Hulk falls from an airplane, transforming back into Banner just before hitting the ground.

Trivia: When the two soldiers try to fight the Abomination, they find a rocket launcher in a case. This launcher is actually a painted Nerf-toy. Nerf later released it again in a green and silver scheme as a tie-in with this movie.


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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Ross and Bruce are in the hotel room, Banner empties the purse on the bed and there is some cash inside the wallet. As they are about to leave he picks up the cash, which isn't in the wallet anymore. (01:08:10)

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Tony Stark: What if I told you we're putting a team together?
Gen. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross: Who's "we"?

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Question: Although some of Bruce Banner's blood falls into one of the soda bottles when he's working in the factory, the movie never explains what happens to that specific bottle. Can we assume that it gets exported to the United States and someone eventually drinks it? Will this tie into the plot for the sequel?

Answer: This is explained in the movie, and it's where Stan Lee's cameo comes in. He is the person who drinks the contaminated soda, triggering a "gamma sickness" incident.


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