Speed Racer

Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) wins the Grand Prix. He and his family celebrate and he finally kisses Trixie (Christina Ricci). Royalton is arrested after the cameras on the race track show that Cannonball Taylor cheated by using a hook (with Royalton's logo) that was attached to Speed's car. Inspector Detector and Racer X (Matthew Fox) are glad that Speed helped bring Royalton to justice and that he's changed the world of racing. Inspector asks Racer X if he regrets not telling Speed and the family that he really is Rex (Speed's older brother) and X replies that it's his mistake to deal with. Flashbacks show that on the day of the Casa Cristo cross country race, Rex blew up his car and then had surgery to change his face.

Racer X

Continuity mistake: Right at the beginning, the kid's hand keeps swapping from being on the middle of the paper to on the upper part, between shots.

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Mr. Royalton: Pancakes are love.

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Trivia: In Speed's first race scene, the elderly man announcing is the person who did the voices for Speed and Rex in the American version of the original cartoon.

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Question: Who is Sparky? Trixie's constant presence already means the future family model is pretty weird, but, why is Speed's "operator" living as part of the family? Is he an employee of Racer Motors, or what?

Answer: They're a close-knit team. Sparky's a close family friend as well as an employee. It's rather like Race Bannon living with the the Quests as part of the family, even though he is employed by Dr. Quest.

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