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Corrected entry: When Taejo's sister Horuku comes to give the Grand Prix ticket to the Racer family, Speed racer laments they "don't have a car". BUT- when Horuko walks into the house, you can see the ever present Mach 6 in the background in what should be the dining room. They do have a car and modifying/upgrading it would be far easier and quicker than building a new one from scratch.


Correction: That's the Mach 5. You can even see the red encircled yellow "5" on the passenger door right before Pops, not Speed, says "We don't have a car." The Mach 5 is a rally car, essentially street legal. The Mach 6 is a T-180. It would take much much longer to modify the Mach 5 because before you could turn it into a T-180 you'd first have to take it completely apart.

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Correction: Given the highly stylized nature of the film, in this case the all-out psychedelic final moments of the race, it's impossible to determine how far Speed actually traveled after crashing the GRX, and therefore impossible to tell whether or not the parts even should be visible.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Racer X is attacking Cruncher Block's truck, at one point, you can see the level of the water in the piranha tank start to go down when the tank hasn't been shot yet.

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Correction: It's just sloshing around.

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Corrected entry: Speed drives the Mach 6 in the first two races. This is not possible because they don't build it until before the Grand Prix. And for clarification, the film does not begin at the Grand Prix. There are signs everywhere that say it is the Thunderhead Race.

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Correction: There were 2 Mach 6 cars, the one driven in the first 2 races was crashed and destroyed in the 2nd race (after Speed was offered and turned down the corporate sponsorship).

Revealing mistake: Throughout the racing shots of the movie, the close up shots of the fans in the stands show the same people used multiple times as evident by them wearing the same clothes, poses, etc.


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Pops Racer: You think you can drive a car and change the world? It doesn't work like that.
Speed: Maybe not, but it's the only thing I know how to do and I gotta do something.

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Trivia: In Speed's first race scene, the elderly man announcing is the person who did the voices for Speed and Rex in the American version of the original cartoon.

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Question: Who is Sparky? Trixie's constant presence already means the future family model is pretty weird, but, why is Speed's "operator" living as part of the family? Is he an employee of Racer Motors, or what?

Answer: They're a close-knit team. Sparky's a close family friend as well as an employee. It's rather like Race Bannon living with the the Quests as part of the family, even though he is employed by Dr. Quest.

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