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Corrected entry: In the scene where Al Pacino grabs the students phone in his classroom and asks him the score of the Mariners game it is in the bottom of the first inning. According to the 88 minute timeline this puts the time around 10:30am. Major League baseball games usually start at 1pm local time at the earliest.

Correction: Not true, the Seattle Mariners do occasionally have earlier start times to their day games. This is to accommodate the TV/radio broadcasts in Japan, the home of Mariner Superstar, Ichiro Suzuki. Japanese broadcast considerations are a special clause in his contract. Recently, we had a 11:00am first pitch, so it is possible that there was a game in the first inning prior to 1:00pm.


Corrected entry: When calling in to MSNBC, there could not have been a back and forth conversation due to the 7 second delay.

Correction: There is a 7 second delay, however, the conversation would take place in real time. The delay is there for censors to be able to edit out profanity and such, but the actual conversation will occur as if no delay is present. Essentially, what you hear on a broadcast is a 7 second recording, but the conversation takes place in real time, only 7 seconds earlier.

Corrected entry: During the first television interview with Forester, his first name is spelt "Jon". Later in the movie it is spelled "John" on the television.

Correction: Television is not always 100% accurate. Look at the number of times that news reports have misidentified an individual, where they come from, which party they represent or whatever, and getting the wrong spelling of a name seems comparatively minor.

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Corrected entry: Al Pacino answers the phone in a scene soon after he's given a loaner cell from his student, and he answers the phone with his right hand, which has strangely disfigured fingernails (including a noticeably thick white middle fingernail) and in the next shot, the phone is in his very normal-looking left hand. The same creepy fingernails can be observed later throughout the film.

Correction: Differences between his left and right hands are not continuity errors. If the SAME hand was different, shot-to-shot, that would be a mistake.


Continuity mistake: When leaving the building, Jack Gramm's Porsche has rims with 18 spokes; when arriving, the car has different rims with only 5 spokes. (00:21:20 - 00:22:25)

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Dr. Jack Gramm: Who sent you here?
Mike Stempt: What, you think I'm too dumb to figure it out myself?
Dr. Jack Gramm: Yes I do.

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