Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

During the robbery (concocted by Hank & Andy) Nanette Hanson pulls a concealed gun on Bobby Lasorda, prompting a shootout which leaves Bob dead and Nan in a coma. Charles is forced to pull the plug since her doctors basically promise she won't make it.Chris Lasorda and her brother Dex track down the brothers and commence blackmailing them. Andy's response is force his way into heroin dealer’s apartment shooting it's owner with his own gun and a passed out client before breaking into a safe, making off with its contents of cash and narcotics. Heading over to Chris’ house to pay up, Andy instead shoots Dex and is about to shoot Chris when Hank stops him. Andy then turns the gun on him and tells Hank he knows about Hank and Gina and that maybe he should shoot him. Hank asks him to and Andy is about to but he’s shot by Chris who then screams at Hank to leave. He does, leaving her some money but taking the rest and running away down the street (observed by his dad who's been tailing them both).Charles having learned about Andy's guilt was confronts him in hospital disconnects the life support, grabs a pillow then commits Filicide via suffocation.


Continuity mistake: When the robber is killed, he falls back and breaks the glass door with a blind. The first time we see the scene, the position of the blind differs from the repetiton from a different view from the flashback.

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Dex: You don't look happy. Mind if I call you "Groucho"?
Andrew 'Andy' Hanson: No, I don't mind.

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