He Was a Quiet Man

Bob (Christian Slater) opens the envelope given to him by Gene (William Macy) and inside is a photo of Venessa (Elisha Cuthbert) and Gene. On the back of the photo it says: "Gene, you're the only one I love." Bob flips out and goes to work. It's revealed that everything that happened (Coleman shooting people, Bob taking care of Venessa and his relationship with her, etc.) was all in his mind. Bob sees Paula by the water cooler and imagines that she's Venessa. Bob kills himself. The police, at Bob's house, read his suicide note: "You'll ask yourselves why I did it. What choice did you give me? How else was I going to get your attention?" Some reporters talk with Bob's neighbors and one of them says: "He was a quiet man..."


Goldie: Welcome to our world, Bob.

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Trivia: SPOILER WARNING: 'Coleman' is an anagram for 'Maconel.'

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