A League Of Their Own

Trivia: Betty Spaghetti is played by director Penny Marshall's daughter, Tracy Reiner. Walter Harvey is played by the director's brother, Gary Marshall.


Trivia: Before the final game, Doris's father tells the ticket scalper that he's going to take Doris out for a steak dinner as a surprise. After the team loses, Doris ironically stats that "I'm so depressed I could eat a cow."


Trivia: The Geena Davis character is heavliy based on the early life of Kathleen Mann a Canadian teacher. Miss Mann was recruited while still a teenager in the 1930s to be a part of a new women's baseball league because of her talent as a pitcher. She actually toured for several years with the league, but then concentrated on her true love of teaching. She spent over 75 years teaching at the famed St. Michael's Choir School in Toronto! Some of her famous alumni include the Four Lads, the Crew Cuts, Michael Ontkean from "Twin Peaks" and the Barenaked Ladies.

Trivia: The bruises and scratches you see on the female cast were not applied with make-up. They were real injuries that the actresses endured whilst performing in the movie.

Trivia: Filming for a new series based on "A League of Their Own" started in June in Pennsylvania. Production crews are currently in Greensburg, PA for one day (today, 10/07/21). The downtown train station has been converted to "Rockford Station." The date the Amazon Prime series will debut has not been announced yet.


Trivia: During the game right before Marla Hooch getting married, an African American woman picks up a foul ball and throws it like a professional to Geena Davis. Thrown so well it hurts Geena's hand. This short scene is an acknowledgement that African American women were prohibited from trying out for the league.


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Dottie and Jimmy are sitting beside each other at the front of the bus having a conversation, the camera cuts to Mae painting Kit's nails on the back seat of the bus. When the camera cuts back to Dottie and Jimmy, if you look at the back seat of the bus, Mae is sitting by herself and Kit is already about to sit back down in her seat in the middle of the bus. It doesn't seem likely that there would have been enough time for her to be in that position so quickly. (01:11:45)

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Jimmy: Are you crying? There's no crying! There's no crying in baseball!

Cubs Fan

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Question: When Kit gets traded to Racine, who does Rockford get in return?

Answer: An unnamed pitcher. I believe it was the character played by Janet Jones and listed as "Racine Pitcher"


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