The Cottage

The Farmer proceeds to do in the Chun Yo Fu & Muk Li San, Steven (by having his stomach split open), Andrew (blade to the groin followed by ripped off head) and Tracey, who is finally silenced with a shovel decapitation. Peter manages to strangle the farmer then crush him under a stack of shelves after David gets a pick-axe in the chest. Peter now stranded in the cellar is met by the farmer's offspring who are feasting on the corpse(s) of Chun Yo Fu/Muk Li San before attacking him. After the credits Andrew's dad (who looks a-lot like Steven Berkoff) and his heavies show up at the farmhouse cottage, only to be greeted by the still living farmer, who bursts out of the house wielding a pickax.


Other mistake: It is crucial to the story that Peter is terrified of moths - but when he is led through the woods at knife point by Tracey, a large moth flies around both their heads for several seconds (lured by lights of the film crew) and he ignores it, being as it's an unplanned visitor. (00:42:30)

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David: She all right?
Peter: She's still unconscious.
David: That's chlorophyll for you.

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