The Spiderwick Chronicles

Corrected entry: Near the end when the mother finds out the fantasy creatures are real, Mallory gives her the head band with the stone so that she can see the creatures. During the fight the headband disappears but the mother can still see the creatures.

Correction: It is never said that the mother can see the creatures. The only creature she sees is Mulgarath who, by this point, doesn't care if people see him, so he's letting her see him.

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Hod squeal spits on the mother than she doesn't need to use the eye glass.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film Arthur Spiderwick is in the house. It then states "30 years later" when the kids and their mother arrives. Later on in the film they meet Aunt Lucy who Is 86, who tells of how her father was taken, etc. Further along the film they meet Arthur who said he just left the house, and Lucy is 6 and a half. The boy explains she's 86 and a half, and Arthur is 125. If Arthur left the house when Lucy was 6 and a half, and the mother and kids arrive 30 years later, that would make aunt Lucy 36, not 86.

Correction: The subtitles read "80 years later", not 30.


Audio problem: When Jared is arguing with his mom in the car, his mouth isn't moving.

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Question: How did Helen's keys and Mallory's medal get stolen and hidden in the dumbwaiter behind a wall?

Answer: Because while they were sleeping the bowgart stole it.

How? They only arrived at the house for a few hours before the dumbwaiter discovery?

Cody Fairless-Lee

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