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Brother Bear 2 (2006)

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Corrected entry: Whenever an animal speaks English in this movie, their mouths are forming the words they say, like a regular human. But when we hear them speaking bear language, their mouths are moving completely differently.

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Correction: That's because they want you to under stand what they are saying. If their mouths moved like a bear, the dialogue would look weird. And if the bears mouth moved like a human that would also look weird. Like for example, the movie Mulan. Everyone speaks English but they are all Chinese. They just want you to understand what they say.


Continuity mistake: When Kenai is talking to Nita after she has turned into a bear, we can see that there is no one behind Kenai. When we cut to a wide shot, Koda is standing behind him.

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Nita's Father: Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever.

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Trivia: In the first movie, the cliff where Kenai is transformed is shaped like a bear's head. The tradition carries on here. The section of cliff where Nita transforms (where Kenai fights Atka) is shaped like a bear's head when viewed from above.

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Question: This has been bugging me for a while. When Koda asks the spirits to change Kenai back into a human, they don't show up to change him until the next day. Why do they wait so long? (Other than to give Kenai time to chase after Koda and get the whole end of the movie going.)

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Chosen answer: Probably for just that reason - they were waiting for the right moment to change Kenai back.

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