Be Kind Rewind

After Mike, Jerry and Almas Be Kind Rewind videos becomes a huge hit across town they are approached by FBI agents who claim they have breached strict plagiarism laws and have warrants to destory their tapes. The tapes are destroyed using a steam-roller and The group are given a warning by the council to either leave the apartment to make way for a new residental block, or come up with enough money to pay for renovations. To add to their misery Elroy reveals that Fats Waller was not infact born there, he had been lying the whole time.Now with no source of income, the trio come up with a plan. Instead of sweding existing movies they, and the entire community of Passaic, decide to create their own film about the life and times of Fats Waller. They decide to try and raise the money by charging entry for the premier. The entire community comes together to create the twenty minute film, and on the night of the demoliton, the premier is held in the video store. Elroy realises that they are far of the required amount of money and asks the demolishers for only one hour too watch their movie. Half-way through watching the film cheering is heard from outside the store, Mike and Jerry exit and find that the film can be seen from the street and that a huge crowd has gathered to watch, cheering the arrival of the duo. Soon the rest of the crowd from inside comes out, flattered by the cheers of the onlookers. The Demolishers pat Mr. Elroy on the back and the film fades to black. Mike and Jerry may have been unable to save the store, but they united a community and created a tradition that will out live any building

Hazax of Rodmore

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Jerry: [Talking about The Lion King] It's deeply deep. 'Cause the uncle kills the nephew's father.
Old Lady: Which is his brother.
Jerry: That's his brother. He kills his own brother, right? That's some heavy Shapeskearean shit.
Mike: [laughs]
Jerry: What's funny?
Mike: Shape...nothing.


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Question: How does being magnetised give you the power to delete tape footage? Wouldn't that work for DVDs, but not for VHS? Also I noticed in the scene where Jerry walks into the video store magnetised, the screen on the tv got all staticky every time I watched it. Was the static intentional?

Answer: VHS is data magnetically encoded on tape. A magnet will wipe them out. DVD/CD's are data encoded in plastic with a laser. Magnets won't hurt them in the slightest. Yes, the static was intentional, magnets can interfere with televisions.

Grumpy Scot

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