10,000 B.C.
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D'Leh: Ah! Do not eat me, when I set you free!

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Evolet: Baku, D'Leh is here.

D'Leh: I found the eye of the snake.

D'Leh: What are they saying?
Nakudu: They are your words: Bring them down.

Tic'Tic: Our wise man says: you will lead us there.
D'Leh: Me?

D'Leh: Let me go.

Tic'Tic: Be as your father.

D'Leh: Look how fast its growing.

Revealing mistake: After Evolet got hit by the arrow and presumably dies, D'leh is staring at a mammoth. Behind the mammoth, you can see that the background is a picture.

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