Vantage Point

Kent (Matthew Fox) is a traitor; he's part of the terrorist group behind the assassination. Earlier in the film, when Barnes (Dennis Quaid) was shocked to notice something in the camera control room, he noticed that Barnes changed into a police uniform and was lying about chasing the suspect behind the shooting because he was looking at him through a news camera as he was walking away in disguise. Barnes pursues Kent and Javier while two members of the terrorist group try to make a getaway with the president (William Hurt) in an ambulance. Javier confronts Enrique (the cop who was ordered to place the bomb at the podium) and demands to know where his brother is but Enrique has no idea what he's talking about. Enrique is shot by the Secret Service agents (seen earlier in the film) because they thought he was the one who shot the president. Barnes pursues Kent, Kent crashes and dies. The two terrorists in the ambulance also crash when they make a sudden turn to avoid the little girl who wandered off looking for her mother. Howard (Forest Whitaker) saves her an instant before the ambulance crashes. Barnes sees the ambulance crash, goes inside and rescues the president. The final scene is a news report talking about the shootings, the bomb and that the president is alive and well...


Continuity mistake: In Barnes' perspective, when Taylor asks him if he saw the shooter, Barnes replies, "No, but I saw something, like a flash of light." In the Howard Lewis perspective, Barnes doesn't say "No, but..." (00:17:50 - 00:36:45)

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Luis: Is everything going to plan?
Suarez: To the last detail.
Luis: And the President? Are you sure they sent a double?
Suarez: The beauty of American arrogance is that they can't imagine a world where they're not a step ahead.

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Trivia: There were several Secret Service consultants on this film to give realism to the action. However, they were unhappy with the final product as it seemed that the kidnappers were able to get to the President without all that much trouble, even if they did have an insider.

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Question: When we're following Forest Whitaker he looks up at the "shooter building" right before the shot fires, and he keeps saying "No, you shouldn't be there." Does he know who it is? And who was it? From what I gathered there was no one in the building, and the gun was fired by remote.

Answer: He assumed by the movement of the curtains that there must be someone up there, which of course the Secret Service should have cleared to make sure there was no-one there.


Answer: He just sees the outline of a person, who I take to be the SS Agent checking on Barnes' suspicions about the curtain.


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