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The Day After (1983)

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Corrected entry: When the air burst explodes over Kansas City, the Doc's and everyone else's cars quit running. Current data suggests that modern cars would most likely not be permanently affected by an EMP, and certainly the '69 Nova visible to the left, with its old points and condenser ignition would not be affected, although, perhaps the transistorized radio would be toast.

Correction: This movie is thirty years old at the time of the mistake submission. The movie producers and writers wrote the screenplay with what was considered common knowledge of the time. Since in the last thirty years further testing has shown an EMP will not affect cars the way it's depicted in the movie, it's not a mistake in the movie, as they can only depict what they knew at the time. This is like saying movies and cartoons from the 1960s which show flying cars set in the present day are all wrong, because as yet, flying cars aren't common.


Factual error: SAC's airborne command post is shown in several scenes. Problem is, while there is such an aircraft, it is not a KC-135 Stratotanker, which is what is shown.

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First Air Force Officer: Confidence is high. I repeat, confidence is high. Roger, we've got 32 targets in track and 10 impacting points. I want it confirmed... is this an exercise? Roger, copy. This is not an exercise.
Second Air Force Officer: Roger, understand. Major Reinhardt, we have a massive attack against the U.S. at this time. ICBMs... numerous ICBMs... Roger, understand. Over 300 missiles inbound now.

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Trivia: The US department of defence did not allow the producers to use stock footage of actual mushroom clouds so they had to rely on special effects of the time, which is why the clouds appear so fake. They also wanted the script changed to state that the Russians started the war.


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