Mad Money

Mad Money (2008)


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Bridget Cardigan: We'll think outside the box.
Don Cardigan: Well that's good because we're selling the box and moving into a smaller box.

Barry: Unless you have a half-dozen very hard rectangular breasts, we need to talk.

Bridget Cardigan: Are you watching when everybody goes everywhere? I really hope so because maybe you can tell me why they can't use the facility in such a way as to keep everything in the facility.

Nina Brewster: I don't want things I can't have.
Bridget Cardigan: Do you live in America?

Nina Brewster: She was out shopping. That's when the idea came to her, when she was out shopping, being a good American.

Jackie Truman: Since I was 9, I knew for every day of the rest of my life I'd have to stick a needle in my arm. Early onset diabetes. But I didn't tell them.

Bryce Arbogast: You didn't pay taxes.
Nina Brewster: On stolen money?
Bryce Arbogast: I didn't hear that.

Nina Brewster: Do you know what it is when you trade sex for money?
Jackie Truman: Advertising.

Molly: That could be your savings account.
Bridget Cardigan: I don't think so, it has money in it.

Counselor: People your age in the work force are usually considered real pains in the ass.
Bridget Cardigan: Are you aware that statement is discriminatory and illegal?
Counselor: See! And you don't even work for me.

Factual error: In Federal Reserve cash processing facilities, multiple denominations of money are never allowed to mingle.

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