The Oxford Murders

If anyone's read The A.B.C Murders or seen the TV adaption; the twist ending is more or less the same. For those who haven't; Beth killed her own mother with Arthur Seldom fabricating this cryptic serial murders in order to draw attention away from the murder of Mrs Eagleton (that would of been seen as natural causes without the broken nose post death). Only when the press printed it, bus driver Frank spurred on by his fixation on Neopythagoreanism (who's daughter is being denied a lung transplant) proceeds to crash a bus full of mentally challenged kids, to further improve his daughter's chances of getting an organ transplant. On being confronted by what Martin has uncovered Art points out that it was Marty who inspired Beth to commit matricide in order to free herself from mommy's grip.


Continuity mistake: When Seldom is explaining the symbols to the cop and Martin, he draws an open circle. In the following angles the circle is closed.

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Arthur Seldom: There is no way of finding a single absolute truth, an irrefutable argument which might help answer the questions of mankind. Philosophy, therefore, is dead, because whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must be silent.

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