It starts out with the film being part of a U.S goverment top secret case codenamed "Cloverfield" and it was found in a sector formerly known as "Central Park". Then it cuts to early morning and Rob (Stahl-David) recording what can only seem as the morning after a one-night stand. But the woman he's with Beth, he's been in love with her since college. Then it cuts to a few weeks after that scene and the camera is discovered by Rob's brother Jason. He and his girlfriend Lily are putting together a last blowout party as a bon voyage for his brother because he's going to Japan for a job. Lily then comes up with the idea of doing testimonials (like in weddings) of people saying their goodbyes to Rob and charges Jason of the camera. Jason then finds Rob's best friend Hud and charges him with the testimonials and camera. Hud becomes the point-of-view person for the rest of the film. As soon as the party starts, he sets out to find Marlena, the chick he has a crush on. She quickly blows him off and Hud sees Rob greet Beth who just came in with a date. He then sees them arguing and Beth stalking off apparantly returning home. Hud and Jason are both asked by Lily to console him and they find him sitting at the fire escape. Then out of nowhere, the earth violently shakes. They quickly go to the living room and turn on the t.v. and see the news channel saying something about an oil tankier capsizing. They go to the roof to check it out and see the taker explode sending flying debris in their direction forcing them to flee to the streets. Then comes the first visual of the monster swiping the head clean of the statue of liberty landing just feet from the camera. Evertything turns chaotic and the main characters(Rob, Jason, Lily, Marlena, and camera-guy Hud) decide to leave Manhattan. Just then Rob gets a call from Beth crying for help saying that she can't move. Rob, realizing that he really is in love with her, decides to go to her rescue in the middle of Manhattan which is in the middle of the battle between the army and the monster.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hud, Jason, and Rob are hiding in the grocery store, you can see several items toppled over on the shelves above Jason's head. When the lights start to flicker, you notice almost all the objects are now standing upright, only to be toppled over again. (00:21:45)

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Hud: Looks like you should've left town a little bit earlier, huh Rob?

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Trivia: The viral marketing story is incorporated into several parts of the movie. The first is the Slusho! shirt worn by Jason, given to him by Rob. Rob is leaving to work for Slusho! in Japan per his myspace account. Slusho! is owned by Tagruato Corporation, a company whose primary operations is off-shore drilling rigs. The company's logo is visible on the Tanker that is on fire during the Brooklyn Bridge scene. The Easter eggs show the destruction by the monster of Tagruato's Chaui drilling facility located about 2,000 off-shore of NY. The online viral character Jamie is seen passed out on the couch at the party. Her boyfriend, Teddy, who works for Tidowave, is seen on the bridge. Tidowave is an anti-Tagruato operation. At the end, while the camera looks over the Atlantic ocean, you'll see a falling object. The producer, JJ Abrams, has stated that this can be interpreted one of two ways: It's the monster falling out of the sky, or, a satellite which Tagruato reported on their website that they were actively assisting the Japanese government to locate.

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Question: We all know that Marlena is bitten by one of the smaller monsters in the subway. When the group finds the military hospital, Marlena is escorted behind a curtain because of the bite. We see blood suddenly spray onto the curtain, meaning there was a small explosion to kill her. Was the explosion caused by the monster bite, or did the military have to do it to her?

Answer: It's very unlikely that the military would have to resort to exploding her, given they not only had guns, but access to all of the hospital's drugs and sharp instruments. While we can't say for sure, it's most likely an extreme reaction to the monster bite.


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