After saving Beth from her crumbled building, Rob, HUD, Beth and Lily escape the buildings and board evacuation helicopters just as the giant creature attacks nearby. Lily is separated during the evacuation, with her escaping in a different helicopter. Flying above Manhattan as day breaks, Rob, Beth and Hud witness military planes attacking, and seemingly killing, the giant creature; however, the creature leaps out of the smoke plumes and swipes at their helicopter, causing it to crash in Central Park. Hud, Rob and Beth survive the crash, only to look up and see the creature towering over them. After the creature chews on Hud, killing him, Rob grabs Beth and the camera and hides underneath a bridge. He gives a final testimonial to the camera and tells Beth that he loves her. In the background, air-raid sirens begin to go off. A presumably nuclear explosion rocks all of Manhattan and seems to kill them both, and the camera is covered in rubble. The movie then cuts to a scene from Rob and Beth enjoying their Coney Island date a month before. During this, as the camera briefly focuses on the ocean, a meteor like object falls from the sky and hits the water in the distance, hinting at the creature's origin.


Audio problem: When the Statue of Liberty's head strikes the top of a distant building before landing in the street, sight and sound are simultaneous. There should have been an audible lag in the sound due to the speed of sound being only about 1000 feet per second. The absence of this lag would be acceptable in most movies but is inconsistent with the amateur home movie theme of Cloverfield.

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[Seeing Beth's building badly damaged, leaning against another tower.]
Hud: Please tell me she lives on the ground floor.
Rob Hawkins: 37th.
Hud: Shit.

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Trivia: The viral marketing story is incorporated into several parts of the movie. The first is the Slusho! shirt worn by Jason, given to him by Rob. Rob is leaving to work for Slusho! in Japan per his myspace account. Slusho! is owned by Tagruato Corporation, a company whose primary operations is off-shore drilling rigs. The company's logo is visible on the Tanker that is on fire during the Brooklyn Bridge scene. The Easter eggs show the destruction by the monster of Tagruato's Chaui drilling facility located about 2,000 off-shore of NY. The online viral character Jamie is seen passed out on the couch at the party. Her boyfriend, Teddy, who works for Tidowave, is seen on the bridge. Tidowave is an anti-Tagruato operation. At the end, while the camera looks over the Atlantic ocean, you'll see a falling object. The producer, JJ Abrams, has stated that this can be interpreted one of two ways: It's the monster falling out of the sky, or, a satellite which Tagruato reported on their website that they were actively assisting the Japanese government to locate.

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Question: Did any of the actors know what the monster looked like while they were filming the movie?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: The actors and crew were kept in the dark as much as possible, unless the information was needed for their performance. They didn't know what the parasites looked like until they began filming the subway scene. Actual-size, realistic puppets had been made for filming but were decided to look too artificial and slow on camera, but it gave the actors a chance to see what they would be running from, how their jaws and legs worked, etc. As for the main monster ("Clover"), actors would only know what was in the script and what the director told them.

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