St. Trinian's

Continuity mistake: When Kelly writes "The Heist" as the 7th idea during Flash's class on "The 7 Laws of Crime," her handwriting on the board is completely different in following shots. (00:44:35)

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Continuity mistake: At the shooting range, the teacher with the machine gun shoots the heads off several of the "ducks". But when the girls with ducks on their heads come up, a second later, all three ducks are intact.

Continuity mistake: When Kelly, Taylor and Andrea reach the balcony over the audience, there are two large paintings and a sculpture behind them. There are two large paintings on the balcony across from them as well. In the following shots the sculpture switches from male to female repeatedly, and the painting from the opposite balcony actually appears on the other side. For example, when Kelly whispers, "We need more cover," the sculpture is male, but when she climbs over the banister to the zip line, the sculpture is female. Also, when Miss Fritton swings across to rescue Kelly, the painting behind her is the same one that should be on the opposite balcony. (01:15:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Kelly and Annabelle are walking toward Annabelle's bed, Andrea is walking behind them, and as Annabelle says "Goths, " Andrea is standing right beside her. Yet in the next shot, Andrea is lying on her bed, just as someone says "We're not Goths, we're Emos." (00:08:40)

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Continuity mistake: While Geoffrey is hiding in Posh Totty's room, Peaches and Chloe begin applying mascara to Chelsea's lashes. In Chelsea's first close-up the camera is facing her reflection in the mirror, and Chloe is using a short handle mascara wand with her right hand (we are seeing a reflection and we also see a bit of Chloe's non-reflection hand in the foreground). In the next shot, just before Chloe's cell rings, Chloe is holding the now longer handled mascara wand with her left hand. Peaches is holding her mascara wand differently as well. (00:29:00)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the move Carnaby Fritton introduces himself as Camilla's (the headmistress) younger brother. However, when he later visits her to discuss turning the school into a hotel he directly calls her his little sister.

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Continuity mistake: When the girls are taking bets on how long Annabelle will last, the one writing on the blackboard is wearing a top with a small dark design and she is holding a pen in her right hand together with the chalk. However, in the close-up the pen has vanished and the sleeve is entirely different - the dark design is gone and instead there is a light pink design. (00:09:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Geoffrey, Miss Bagstock and Miss Fritton are standing beside the Cheltenham bus, the white paint splatters that are mingled with the red splatters disappear and reappear on the bus door, depending on camera angle. (00:22:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Geoffrey is reading The Sun, just before the Cheltenham bus arrives for the hockey game, in the close-up of the open newspaper there is a photo of Geoffrey below the large headline that reads "Shot in the Arm". In the next shot there is no photo under the headline. (00:21:10)

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Continuity mistake: When the first years are styling Anabelle, two of them are shown using brushes. But, when they show Annabelle's face, the arms styling her clearly belong to larger/taller people.

Other mistake: After Kelly and the twins climb out of the sewer tunnel and hear footsteps, the twins sit atop the steel grating pretending to cry while the rest hide below. All the walls and paintings behind the twins are the very same ones behind Kelly, Taylor and Andrea later, when they've finally reached their target painting, in a different area of the gallery. We can even see the square of wood planks covering the area of the steel grating seen earlier. (01:13:35 - 01:24:00)

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Tania and Tara: We've got double chemistry tomorrow, we'll work on the explosives then.

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Trivia: The bust in the hall way of the school has a similarity to Alistar Sim, who played the Fritton sister (headmistress) and brother in the original films.

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Chosen answer: She wasn't in one of the groups (Geeks, Emos, First Years, Posh Totties and Chavs), she was an outsider. The girls later give her a makeover as each one of the cliques, but she ended up as herself and said she "felt like a St Trinian".

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