Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

Corrected entry: Perhaps the character Dallas becomes the Major Dallas in Alien? It was said on the website that this movie bridges the time gap from the Predator and Alien movies.

Correction: Sorry, but the trivia section is not for idle speculation. Particularly speculation as absurd as this. AVP:Requiem is set in 2004, the same year that the first AVP film was released. Alien is set in 2122. So a mere one-hundred-and-eighteen year timegap there. Oh, and, for the record, in this film, Dallas is the character's first name and in Alien it was a surname. And he was a captain, not a major. Other than that, spot on.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie on the hospital roof, Dallas is delaying the aliens so that the others can escape via helicopter. At one point an alien "drools" on his head for quite a while. Now we all know alien spit and blood are corrosive. Why didn't anything happen to him?

Correction: Alien *blood* is corrosive. The spit or drool isn't. Otherwise, there'd be a constant trail of melted floor following the aliens, which there isn't. This is consistent with the whole Alien series.

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Corrected entry: Compare the predators ship and crew from the end of AVP and start of AVP: Requiem. The end of the first movie shows the huge ship on the ice with a huge amount of predators. The size of the ship and crew seams to have been downsized in the beginning of the second movie.

Correction: You are correct, but in the extended DVD release (Ultimate Combat) a missing scene showing the smaller ship leaving the much larger Predator ship, that was in the first AVP movie, is restored explaining the size difference.


Corrected entry: In the very first scene, where we can watch again the birth of the "Predator bred" Alien, the wound in the Predator's chest should be filled with fluorescent Pred blood, not gooey green slime, Aline blood. After all, it was a Predator's Chest. (00:01:40)

Correction: It's also a dead Predator, so it seems pretty reasonable that Predator blood might congeal much like humans would as it dries out. And it hardly qualifies as a plot hole either.


Corrected entry: Predators are supposed to be the best, smartest hunters in the universe. So why did this predator wait to get on the crashed ship before arming himself to war? Ninja Stars, that crazy blue-acid stuff, even his shoulder lasers were taken from the wrecked ship. How come in his home planet or in his ship he did not have access to those weapons and risked running around almost unarmed when he knew there was a very dangerous Alien-Predator on the loose? This is not a character mistake, because it was stated in the last 3 Predator movies that those are serious hunters and do not risk themselves so stupidly.

Correction: The Predator DID equip himself before he left for Earth, but when he got to the downed Predator ship, he realised that he was dealing with a Predalien/alien infestation (he could see their tracks in the ship), so decided to ADD to his existing arsenal.

Corrected entry: As the tank-like army vehicle is going to the city's center, we can see that some people are still inside the traffic-jammed cars on the streets. Seeing as there are no smashed windows and no blood stains, we can assume that they were not killed by Aliens. So, what the hell are these people still doing in their cars? No way they think they are protected, and it does not seems like that traffic is ever going to move again.

Correction: The people in the cars think that there is salvation for them at the centre of the town, thinking that there is going to be an airlift, because of course, the government doesn't lie ;).

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie on the hospital roof, Dallas is delaying the aliens so that the others can escape. At one point an alien "drools" on his head and nothing happens. Now we all know that alien blood and alien spit are corrosive. Why did nothing happen to him?

Correction: Besides being duplicate, it's still wrong. Alien "spit" is not corrosive. Just their blood.

Corrected entry: During the climactic race to the chopper, an alien is killed right over a human's head and on the nose of the chopper. The aliens are supposed to have acid blood which splatters and destroys anything near it, yet both the human and the chopper are unaffected by any blood.


Correction: This takes place during a very heavy rainstorm which could wash away or dilute the acid blood. The same thing happens in Aliens when Hicks and Vasquez kill the facehuggers under the medlab sprinklers, the acid blood has hardly any effect.

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Corrected entry: (SPOILER) The movie starts showing a very small city - small enough for the sheriff to know everyone by name, even being able to spend the morning waiting for some guy who was coming on a bus. As the movie evolves, the city turns into a much larger town, with things like: a power plant, a major hospital, with 10+ new-born babies (for a 5.476 population - as stated on the trailer - a very high birth rate), a lot of preagnent girls, State Troops only a few miles away, and so on. Also the bomb that was thrown on the city had a power of 200 kilotons (almost 20 times Hiroshima, which killed 250.000+ people), and even that enormous amount of power was not enough to destroy the entire city, as we could see from the General's map (only the central region would be directly destroyed by the bomb. The marginal areas would be hit by heat blast and debri blast). A small city that suddenly became very large or a small plot hole that suddenly became very large?

Correction: You really should have broken this entry down into separate entries, but as to the last point about the excessive size of the nuclear yield, quite simple, they didn't know just how far the infestation of Aliens had spread, so taking no chances, they used a larger than required nuke to ensure that any stragglers would be killed as well.

Continuity mistake: The birth of the Predalien in this movie is completely different than it was in the first AVP. The lights on the table are different and the Predalien bursts out differently than in the first film. (00:01:30)

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Dallas: All right, listen, whatever happens inside, the only person that can't get hurt is Kelly, all right? We all protect Kelly.
Drew: What is this, the Titanic? Screw the women and children first shit, man.
Dallas: Look, asshole, unless you can fly the helicopter, shut the fuck up.

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Trivia: The striker vehicle used for filming was a prototype vehicle since they couldn't get a working one from the military. It leaked water constantly from the rain machine and had to be dressed both inside and out to make it appear to be a functional military vehicle.

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Question: I think there's some 100 years between this movie and "Alien", but is the little girl in the movie supposed to be young Ripley?

Answer: Given that Alien is set in 2122, I think it can be safely said that, no, it's not.

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