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Corrected entry: When Sweeney sings "my friends" he only takes one razor out of the box, and walks away with it. A little later he flips open another razor without picking another one up, and there are suddenly 2 empty razor spaces.


Correction: If you pay close attention, after Sweeney flicks the first razor open, the angle changes, and he's got the second razor in his left hand before he stands up. The second razor remains in his left hand closed when he stands up until he flicks it open. It's entirely possible that he grabbed the second razor out while the camera wasn't on his left hand and it was well within his reach.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, after "Worst Pies in London", Mrs. Lovett leads Sweeney into her living room, and on the way, they pass stairs and a door that apparently leads up to his old barbershop upstairs. Yet when they go upstairs, and all through the movie, the only door that's up there is the one that comes from the main outdoor stairs.


Correction: Actually, it leads to that blue door on the balcony (where the door to Sweeney's shop is). You can see it in several shots, and it makes sense with the layout.

Corrected entry: When Mrs.Lovett sings "poor thing", when you see Lucy going into the dancing crowd she is already holding a drink but nobody hands it to her.


Correction: The Beadle gives her the drink.

Corrected entry: Just as Sweeney finishes singing "My Friends", while kneeling and staring at his own reflection in one of his old straight razors, Mrs. Lovett bends down with her face just above and behind his left shoulder. But as he slowly rotates the blade to reveal the reflection of Mrs. Lovett's face, her reflection appears to the right of his (as he sees it on the blade's surface). This could only be the case if her face were over his right shoulder, not his left.


Correction: The razor acts as a mirror, making his left shoulder look like his right. I was confused, too, by it until a friend pointed it out. He starts out looking at one side, but turns the razor to the right and we see the reflection off the back of the razor. I've watched the scene multiple times.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anthony is in the asylum, and the 'wig-guy' enters, the camera shows the girls. At 1:31:09 and 1:31:12 a man can be seen sitting in the female asylum. (01:31:10)


Correction: There is no man sitting in the asylum. That is simply a female that looks rather man-ish due probably to the fact that "all the wig makers in London go to that asylum to get hair to make wigs." I watched this scene several times over and if you look closer, the same man-ish looking woman can be seen sitting in the exact same spot, wearing the exact same clothes. Its the same person. She is only off-screen for a fraction of a second, but it is still the same person.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, after Toby has slit Sweeney's throat just before the camera angle changes to show the last 5 or 10 seconds before it fades to black you see Sweeney holding Lucy, behind them is Turpin's corpse as well. He is noticeably right behind them in that shot. However when the angle changes for the final shot Sweeney and Lucy appear to be entirely alone in the room. This is directly contrary to the previous shot because Turpin was right behind them and would logically be seen in the next shot.

Correction: This would be true if Turpin's body was in fact directly behind Lucy and Todd. However, we can see from earlier in the scene (and throughout the whole movie) that the bodies are dumped further from where Lucy and Todd were in the bake house. In the moment you are referring to, if you look past the meat grinder, you can see a small ledge. The bodies are dumped on top of that ledge right next to the meat grinder and since only a small part of the grinder is visible, it is safe to say Turpin's corpse is still in the bake house, it is just out of view of the camera.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Todd kills Pirelli, aka Davey Collins, Todd smacks him over the head and puts him in a box. When Todd opens the box and cuts his throat, you can easily see that it is a dummy of Sacha.

Correction: In a rehearsals video it shows Depp and Baron Cohen practising this scene. Also, you see Sacha Baron Cohen close his eyes slightly as he is lowered into the box.

Corrected entry: Whilst Mr Pirelli is in Sweeney Todd's barber shop, Sweeney Todd is seen to be boiling a kettle full of water, however, whilst beating Mr Pirelli half to death no water leaves the kettle or splashes around at all, upon dropping the kettle water floods out of the kettle.

Correction: We don't know if the kettle as full to begin with. If Sweeney was only making tea for himself, filling the kettle with more water than needed would just be a waste of time. So if the kettle was say, half-full, then it makes perfect sense that no water sloshes out while it is being swung around (momentum would keep the water in).


Corrected entry: In the scene right before Sweeney and Turpin sing 'Pretty Women', Sweeney has the line "and who may it be said is your intended sir?" If you look closely, you can see Turpin mouth the line as Sweeney says it.

Correction: Alan Rickman moves his mouth, but is NOT mouthing Depp's lines. It's probable that he is preparing his "My ward" line since it occurs so quickly or that the lather on his face is just uncomfortable, but close watching proves that he is not mouthing that line.

Corrected entry: After Pirelli loses to Sweeney and speaks to him privately, he starts kicking and cursing in Italian at Toby. After Toby is in the tent, Pirelli glances back to the crowd. You can still hear Italian cursing when his head is turned and his lips aren't moving.

Correction: When Perelli turns back to the crowd, the sound you hear is the sound of a chair scraping inside the tent, not cursing.

Corrected entry: Before "By The Sea," it's only Mrs. Lovett and Todd, but when the song is over, Toby magically appears there as well.

Correction: Just because he wasn't in the previous shot doesn't mean he wasn't playing nearby and simply came over near the end of the song. They are on a picnic, and children do like to run around when outdoors.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the shaving contest, when Todd moves away from the man after having shaved him, his knife is completely clean and shiny, same as when he started.

Correction: I noticed that too and I'm thinking it's for effect. If you notice, the only time we see ANYTHING on the razors is after he kills Turpin. There's not even blood on the razors after he slits all the throats in the song "Johanna."

Corrected entry: In the scene where Todd has just killed Pirelli he has blood on his shirt, so he puts a jacket on because Turpin is coming. When he takes this jacket off when Turpin leaves, there is no blood on the shirt.

Correction: He does not take off the jacket. During the song "Epiphany" Todd IS seen without the jacket and there is no blood on the shirt - right. But "Epiphany" depicts a fantasy (walking on the street, offering "shaves"). When Todd comes back to he is still in the barber shop, and he still wears the jacket, beneath which the shirt well may be bloody.

Corrected entry: When Todd is killing his victims, blood is on the windows. On a busy street surely someone would see it and be suspicious.

Correction: The window is angled up to the sky, making it difficult to see from ground level anyway. Its dark out, so not only would it make it unlikely anyone is outside to see anyway, but since it is dark inside too it would be difficult to see through the window anyway. Also, why would someone particularly be staring at, let alone care what gets splashed on, a barbers window. Lastly, these are the slums of Victorian London. Anyone living/walking by close enough to see it would probably be just as poor and desperate for money as Todd and Lovitt. It's a place where crime is the norm. Why should they help uphold the laws of a country which has forced them into poverty, AND even if they did want to tell someone, they'd probably be too poor for anyone to care what they said. There. Mistake well and truly corrected.

Corrected entry: Sweeny Todd, circa 1800, is walking on a Victorian pleasure pier - the first of which type (iron structure with wooden decking) opened in Margate in 1855.

Correction: This Stephen Sondheim musical version of the story of Sweeney Todd is set in Victorian times, "circa" late 1880's.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: Sweeny Todd, circa 1800,has an opening scene sailing up the Thames River, and we see Tower Bridge, built 1894.

Correction: This Stephen Sondheim musical version of the story of Sweeney Todd is set in Victorian times, "circa" late 1880's.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: Near the end, when Sweeney kills the beggar woman, he steps on the lever for the hole in the floor to open for her to fall through, but the chair does not fold back like it does after he kills his other victims.

Correction: Easily explainable. The chair only bends back when there is a body (weight) on it as the switch is pressed. It would be impractical for the chair to fold backwards everytime the switch was hit, for cases such as this one, where the woman was not seated when she was killed.

Corrected entry: During the song 'Epiphany', when Todd sings "the lives of the wicked should be made brief" and pulls Lovett down into the chair, Sweeney's hand is not even touching her, so she falls down by herself, trying to make it look like she was pulled down.

Correction: Sweeney has his hand on the back of Mrs. Lovett's neck and leads her thusly from the wall to the chair. He tugs on the back of her neck as he moves around it, causing her to fall back into the chair, and removes his hand from her neck when she starts falling.

Corrected entry: When Sweeney Todd attacks Pirelli with the teakettle, it had just been whistling, meaning that the water inside was boiling. However, on his second stroke, Todd uses both hands, and from the angle, one of them must be directly holding the kettle itself. Additionally, when he drops the kettle and it spills water on the floor, the water should still have been hot enough to steam in the relatively low temperature of the room.

Correction: Water from the kettle does steam when he drops it. In fact the kettle is still steaming while Todd is hitting Pirelli with it (both hands included).

Corrected entry: During the market scene before we see Pereli, Mrs. Lovett says the Italian (Pereli) is here every Thursday. But in the next scene, Sweeney asks why Beetle isn't here yet, and she says, "He will be there when the week is out; it is only Tuesday."

Correction: Clearly Sweeney would not be so agitated by the Beadle (they've spelled it wrong as well) not showing yet if this scene were meant to take place directly following the scene with Pirelli. The second scene is meant to take place several days later - on Tuesday. (The quote is, furthermore, "Who says the week's out? It's only Tuesday.") This further clarifies why Sweeney would think the Beadle should have been there by now, as he may have taken "before the week is out" to mean "before Sunday of this week" rather than "by Thursday of next week."

Other mistake: Based on the location of the barber's chair with the picture window in Todd's barber shop and the layout of the exterior of the building, there is no possible way that the chute behind the chair would be able to dump the bodies directly into the basement without going through the center of Ms. Lovett's shop.

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Sweeney Todd: [Holding up razor.] At last, my arm is complete again!

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Trivia: During its first month of production in London, Johnny Depp had to take a ten-day leave of absence when his daughter, Lily-Rose, was rushed to a hospital due to a severe illness (which was never disclosed by the media). To accommodate his absence, director Tim Burton filmed scenes that didn't feature Depp's character.

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Question: In the scene where Johnny sings the song "My Friends", it seems he is singing "and we're togever" rather than "and we're together". Is this a colloquial pronunciation from the time period of the movie?

Answer: It's a common colloquialism in England, particularly with London and East Midland accents - people often pronounce 'th' as 'v'. It's poor english but very common, and certainly would have been common in the lower classes in London at that time.

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