The Assassination of Jesse James

Robert (Casey Affleck) kills Jesse (Brad Pitt) knowing that Jesse will kill him after reading an article on the arrest and confession of Dick Liddel; and also Jesse let himself be killed (he intentionally removes his gun belt). The article reveals to Jesse that Robert and Charley (Sam Rockwell) lied about the whereabouts of Dick and Jesse's cousin Wood Hite. Jesse's body is photographed, the picture sold massively and his house in Missouri becomes a tourist attraction. Some time later: Robert and Charley re-enact Jesse's death in a play and Robert thinks that he'll gain fame for killing Jesse. Charley, after many performances, kills himself out of guilt. Robert is shunned by everyone and called a traitor and coward. 10 years later (1892): Robert is in a relationship with a woman named Dorothy Evans (Zooey Deschanel). Robert, now a bit older, regrets that he killed Jesse. One day, at a bar, a man named Edward O'Kelley walks in and kills Robert and goes to jail. He is pardoned in 1902.

Racer X

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, in the conversation betwenn Frank James and Robert Ford, the term "gunslinger" is used a few times. However, the term "gunslinger" didn't come into use until the 1920s (the movie is set in the 1880s).

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Robert Ford: You want to investigate my courage? Do you? Find out! Find out.

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