Alvin and the Chipmunks

Corrected entry: For a chipmunk who is so blind he cannot see a toaster waffle land right in front of him Simon, is really good about placing the bowl directly under the flow of cheese balls. He stops going back when the balls stop hitting his head, then looks up and precisely moves the bowl to catch the bulk of cheese balls coming down.

Correction: That's entirely possible. I'm blind as a bat but can see a consistent bright colored stream easily, whereas a small flying neutral colored object would easily be missed.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Ian shows the plush doll of Alvin to Dave, the doll talks. Ian claims it has spoken in Spanish, but it has actually said, "Konbanwa. Watashi ha Alvin desu." This actually means, "Good evening. I am Alvin," in Japanese.

Correction: This is Ian mentioning this. All things shown he is kind of an idiot. Confusing Japanese with Spanish is mistake he would make.


Corrected entry: In some scenes of the movie, Alvin plays guitar righty. Other times, he plays it lefty. You can see both scenes during the DVD main menu scene.

Correction: Many people play guitars with both hands.

Corrected entry: At the Orpheum finale, the chipmunks tear off their concert clothes, revealing them to be nude underneath. After that, they are captured by Ian and trapped in a cat carrier. Later, when they reunite with Dave, they are in their regular clothes. It's obvious that they didn't bring their regular clothes to the Orpheum and there's no way they could get them when they're trapped in a cat carrier or when they escaped.

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Correction: They got the clothes from the pile of dolls that were next to them when they were put down.

Corrected entry: Around the very beginning, while the chipmunks are storing nuts, Alvin gets fed up and starts to stomp on the tree. The wood cutter is heard louder and louder and Theodore says, "You guys, I think he made it angry!" ('He', referring to Alvin.) However, he said 'guys', meaning he was talking to both of them, including Alvin. It wouldn't make sense if he had told Alvin, "I think he made it angry," referring to Alvin.

Correction: I've heard similar in actual conversation. Even so, this is a character mistake at most. Or perhaps he said, "You guys" to get their attention, then, in a split-second decision, decided he wanted to tell Theodore that he thinks Alvin made the tree angry. Either way, this isn't a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: Dave's friend Claire says she will come over at 7. When she arrives Alvin interferes and he stops near the clock where the time is 6.35.

Correction: So she said that she'd come over at 7pm, but was early. Well, gosh, that NEVER happens in real life, does it. Also, the clock may have been wrong, Dave is known as a bit of a slacker.

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Corrected entry: When Dave sits down with the Chipmunks to 'teach' them the Christmas song, they know the words they've never seen before, sing as a carefully arranged choir, and the characters speak out of character suddenly; all just so the song we're hearing sounds (roughly) like the original.

Correction: They are looking at the sheet music, so obviously they would know the words. They have experience singing with each other, so they would not have any trouble being in tune with each other.

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Continuity mistake: Once the chipmunks are inside the food cupboards, they begin to devour everything inside. Theodore is seen chewing off a corner of a box of Lucky Charms cereal and eating the cereal that pours from the hole. But a few shots later when the same box of cereal can be seen, the hole that Theodore gnawed from the corner of the box is gone and the corner is fully intact. (00:11:00)

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Simon: We're chipmunks Dave, we can get out of a cat carrier.
Alvin: It's not even difficult.

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Trivia: In one trailer on a DVD, you see Alvin and Theodore talking to Dave, with Simon behind them, and Alvin is forced to eat Theodore's poo to save his skin, but in the movie they switch Alvin and Simon around, and Alvin is removed completely from that scene.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie, was it really Jason Lee's voice during Dave's song? It sounded really good.

Answer: No it isn't his voice.

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