I Am Legend

Trivia: Smith tries to explain to the woman who Bob Marley is by singing a part of the song "I Shot the Sheriff." He also sang this part of the song (with a similar voice imitation) in his role as Will in one of the episodes from the series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".

Trivia: The Brooklyn Bridge scene cost 5 million to make, the most expensive scene ever filmed in New York at the time.

Trivia: Alongside billboards advertising Broadway musicals such as "Wicked" and "Legally Blonde: the Musical", there is a large banner showing a Batman/Superman logo. This is the filmmakers' wry commentary on a proposed Batman/Superman movie that was stuck in development hell and was never produced.

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Neville: Nothin' happened the way it was supposed to happen.

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Question: The question is if all the bridges and tunnels to Manhattan are destroyed, how does one drive from New York to The Colony in Vermont? How do Anna and Ethan drive to Manhattan to meet Robert Neville in the first place?

Answer: In the alternative ending Dr.Neville, Anna and Ethan are seen driving a car over a bridge that wasn't destroyed. The army would need to leave a entry/exit point, but it would have been heavily guarded until everyone died.

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